Last February, my husband and I went on the search for a new car. We discovered DriveTime online! I did not know that there was a location just near me toward Nashville! After looking at their inventory online, we decided to put in our application online because we were thrilled with what we saw. If you haven't heard of DriveTime, you are missing out.

One thing that I love about DriveTime is that if you have bad credit, they can help. My husband and I both have bad credit. DriveTime was able to help us with that and I am so thankful for this! With other car lots, we needed credit to get approved. This took a huge load off of our shoulders. We looked on their website and my husband wanted a Nissan Altima or Ford Fusion. They had a variety of these cars to choose from and it made it easy to go in with an idea of what we wanted. When we arrived, the place was so clean and nice! All of the employees were welcoming. I knew right then that we were going to have a good experience!

We found a car and fell in love! One thing that I enjoyed about DriveTime, the application process was so easy! DriveTime’s industry-leading online auto loan application is 100% personalized to you and your credit including credit score, CreditRank score, and required down payment. We took in our down payment, bank statement, check stubs and the process was so easy! I loved that our salesman was NOT pushy at all. He gave us free time alone to browse what cars we wanted to check out and he went on a drive with us to test them! We ended up with a 2012 Ford Fusion. It was under 70K miles on it! I love the fact that most dealership staff is college educated – they aren’t there to push a sale, but rather to help find what you need.

They offered us a few options, including an extended warranty, and we were out the door in just a few hours. It would have been so much sooner, but we wanted to look at everything they had! Another thing that I love about them is that you can make your payments online! This is so great for a mom on the go and a husband like mine that works 50 + hours a week. Check out this video of the approval process for yourself! It is so great! Get approved today! It is worth your time and easy!

Our payments are low, around $300 a month! This is so affordable and doesn't break the bank. We are going to go back the first of the year and get a second vehicle too! Check them out and let me know what you think.

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