“This post is in collaboration with Balance Your Plate and DiGiorno. As part of the collaboration, I received product and incentives in exchange for participating in the program.”
Pizza. We love Pizza in our household. We have it at least once a week for one, and I never have it alone, we always balance with a salad and milk on the side too! We just love having DIGIORNO pizzeria!™ and pizzeria! thin crust pizzas. There are several different pizzas to choose from and we always have at least one in our freezer because it is a great "On The Go" product for us. We also love them because they contain no artificial ingredients, not to mention crafted with care using the highest-quality ingredients to deliver a golden pizzeria style crust, 100% real cheese, premium meats and crisp vegetables picked at the peak of ripeness.
Oh my! the crust alone is delicious too! Did you know that the crust is drizzled with extra virgin olive oil for a hint of flavor and then topped with a sauce made from scratch using vine-ripened tomatoes and flavored with basil, thyme and oregano? Check it out below. Doesn't that look delicious?
Now, I mentioned in the beginning that I like to balance my plate! You will too! Balance Your Plate with NestlĂ© is an educational campaign to help consumers build nutritious, delicious, and convenient meals that meet the Dietary Guidelines for Americans – a goal US consumers meet fully only 2% of the year. One way to have a great portion of pizza is to balance it out with your hand. You can balance your plate by adding a salad or fresh fruit/veggies opposite of the pizza! 
Check out how you can be mindful of portions:

  1.  Select your favorite kind of pizza 
  2.  Reference the Nutrition Facts on the carton (shown per “serving size”) 
  3.  Limit your personal portion based on your calorie requirements for the day 
  4.  Build a thoughtful meal around your pizza portion to include fruits, vegetables, salad and low-fat dairy Savor your selection knowing that you are enjoying a food you love in the right amount for you!
If you didn't know, brands like DiGiorno uses its packaging to suggest healthy meal pairings like salads and steamed vegetables and easy to follow graphics to understand portion guidance. Check out these tips below on what you can add to help balance your plate.
Other ways to balance your plate could be:
  • 1 pizza slice + salad + small glass of juice, 1 pizza slice + piece of fruit + water and lastly-1 pizza slice + broccoli + fat-free milk.
We love to balance our plate with fruit. It is a delicious combination!  
New pizzeria! thin crust pizzas are available in Supreme Speciale, Margherita, Primo Pepperoni, Chicken Parmigiana and Spicy Sausage Italiano. Head to your local store and purchase today! Pair with a salad, let me know how you like it! Visit DiGiorno on their social media to stay up to date with the latest!
How do you balance YOUR plate? Tell me in the comments! 

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  1. We love pizza! This one looks SO good! Might have to go out and buy DiGiorno for dinner tonight :)

  2. I think that sometimes pizza gets a bad wrap even though it is actually pretty good. I like that DiGiorno is showing people how they can balance their meals.

  3. We had DiGiorno for dinner tonight, it's always a crowd pleaser at our house, and my personal fave is the primo pepperoni :)

  4. That crust looks amazing, I'm definitely picking some up! I love this campaign too!

  5. My husband loves DiGiorno pizzas. I make at least one a week.

  6. Love Digiorno pizza! It looks so yummy. I'll have to try the thin crust next time.

  7. We love eating a salad with our pizza! Love Digiorno too!


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