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Back to school season is here. I have a 10-year-old that loves to pack her lunch. We LOVE packing products from Dr Pepper Snapple Group. Little did I know, they have products that I had NO clue were a part of their brand! Dr Pepper Snapple Groups has over 50 brands that you may not know were theirs! Did you know that Mott’s, Yoo-hoo, and Hawaiian Punch, are all just a few of the brands that are part of the Dr Pepper Snapple Group? I didn't know until recently! We love these products for back to school because they are easy to pack and fun for my daughter to enjoy.
Yoo-hoo, Motts & Hawaiian Punch are all great products to have in your childs lunch box, or JUST BECAUSE
  • Yoo-hoo- Oh my! These bring back childhood memories for me! I love them! They are delicious and we love to have them out of the fridge!
  • Mott’s- These are 100% juice and Lydia loves them in her lunchbox and having them at breakfast too!!!
  • Hawaiian Punch- Lydia loves to have one of these after playing outside. She says they are so refreshing and fruity!

Why do I love these products for back to school? Dr Pepper Snapple Group has approximately 100 products on the market that either have zero or reduced calories or deliver nutritional benefits. YES! NUTRITIONAL benefits. This is a must when having kids, because we want what is best for them.
These products are also a great after school snack addition. Lydia loves to make ice cubes with her Motts and place them in a cup with the juice so that it is not watered down! We also plan to use Dr Pepper Snapple Group at her Birthday party! There has been several times that she was outside playing and opened the fridge to grab a cold Hawaiian Punch too!
Another reason that I love them is because of their Let’s Play initiative. You have to learn about this! Dr Pepper Snapple Group went and uncovered just how much play kids are getting and what is preventing active play in kids nationwide. These stats from the 2016 State of Play Survey are eye- opening! I did not realize how many kids were not active.
  • Study shows that only 33 % of kids are getting active play daily. That is crazy!  This makes me thankful that not only does Lydia play (2) 20-minute recesses at school, but she does her homework and goes outside to run around and play with neighborhood kids too. I don't want her to be in that percentage. 
  • Thanks to technology these days, there has also been a drop in daily active play at age 5. This day in age, kids are playing with technology more than going outdoors! Take the electronics away and limit their time. Encourage kids to get active and make outside play fun. We limit electronics to every other day. Even when she DOES get to play on her electronics, we have her do it an hour MAX.
  • Now, we can't blame kids not going outside on just the decline, busy schedules, technology and costs/fees remain the biggest barriers to active play too! This year, 64 percent of parents said busy schedules stand in the way of more active play for their children. 
Make a change and get your child active, take away the electronics and make time. This can make a huge impact on your childs life. I know it has mine! There are so many outdoor activities that you can do to get your child active and having fun. If you run out of ideas, Pinterest always saves the day for me! 
Don't forget to visit a local retailer and grab your Dr Pepper Snapple Group products and be sure to include Yoo-hoo, Motts & Hawaiian Punch!
What do you do to keep YOUR child active? Does your child love these products from Dr Pepper Snapple Group too?  I would love to hear! 
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  1. Oh he loves alot of those! He really loves the Hawaiian Punch, Motts apple juice and the Yoohoo's! Those are all so good and easy to put in his lunch! To stay active, he plays some sports, and loves to just be outside playing. We also do alot of swimming in the summer! We are very lucky he would rather be outside being active than inside!

  2. That straw is awesome!! Staying active is definitely an important concept that kids are neglecting today.


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