I am a person that can't stand having a dirty car. I believe that you should be proud of what you own and if you made the effort  to clean you home, you should clean your car too. With that said, going to get your car detailed can become quite expensive over time. Why not make an investment that allows you to clean your car like the professionals and you can do it on your own time! Have you heard of AutoRight? 
The intention for our products is to make DIY (do-it-yourself) tasks faster and easier. AutoRight is a division of HomeRight and since the late eighties HomeRight has been providing innovative exterior automotive care products. In May of 2013 HomeRight launched the AutoRight brand to market the tried and true Auto Wash Stick, Easy Wash Stick and EZI-Dry Squeegee under the new AutoRight name to designate a brand name more fitting to exterior automotive care products. Their newest product is something that I recently received and I thought that YOU, my readers would be interested in!
Check out the AutoRight SteamMachine! Why would you need a steam machine for your car? he AutoRight Steam Cleaner is a chemical free way using water to steam clean dirt, grime and grease from vehicle upholstery, leather, carpets, wheels, windows and dashboards. You can clean places that you wouldn't have thought about cleaning!
It comes with large and small nylon brushes (black bristles), large and small soft nylon brushes (grey bristles), large and small brass brushes. What are these brushes for? Stiff nylon brushes (black) can be used to scrub hard surfaces and fabrics, Soft nylon brushes (gray) are great for cleaning more delicate surfaces like leather and the brass brush can be used to remove grease and grime found on auto parts!
It also comes with a crevice tool, jet nozzle,crevice tool, jet nozzle, squeegee with base and a poly/cotton bonnet.
One thing that I like about it is that it is portable. It has wheels to follow you as you clean. 
It also has a storage compartment to keep your tools.
To use it is simple- Fill the tank using the funnel and measuring cup provided. The tank holds up to 40 oz. /1200ml of water. Replace your cap and attach the necessary cleaning adaptor and accessory to the steam gun nozzle. 
Plug the machine and press the on button. You will notice the red power light and orange steam light. This indicates that the machine is building steam, and both should illuminate. Wait 8 minutes for it to build steam and when the orange light is off, it is ready to clean! 
The steam output is controlled through the steam gun. The gun has both a steam trigger and red safety switch. For intermittent steam generation press the red safety switch to the ON position. Pull the trigger to release steam. For continuious steam- Press the red safety switch to the ON position. Hold down the steam trigger. While holding down the trigger, press the safety switch to LOCK. The trigger is now locked into continuous steam mode. To unlock from continuous steam mode, press the red safety switch to the ON position. The AutoRight SteamMachine has a continuous steam run time of 35-40 minutes. 
When the orange light comes on while in use, it needs to re-build pressure. Turn your steam trigger off and let it re-build for about 40 seconds. This product is great and easy to use! If you get confused in any way, follow your manual. I feel like I should not have to say this, however, NEVER TOUCH THE STEAM!

The maximum temperature reaches 290 degrees F.  Purchase on their website for only $129.99! You can use their store finder to see where you can find one near you too. Don't want to get for yourself? Christmas is around the corner! Think of a loved one that may want or need one! You can also visit their website to see the other products they have to offer. Don't forget to show them love on their social channels too! 
Do you own a steam cleaner for your car? Would you consider investing in the AutoRight SteamMachine after reading about it here?

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