Last year, I worked with Genesis 950 on a review and I was so stoked to get the chance to work with the again. If you haven't heard of this amazing stain remover, you are missing out. What is Genesis 950? It is MAGIC I tell you. Okay, not literal magic, but I have never seen a cleaner that works like this before. I thought that cleaning it on my carpets was amazing, well, I tried it on something else today and it was jaw dropping. 
Before I tell you about that adventure, check out what Genesis 950 is all about. Genesis 950 is a green, surfactant based cleaner that works with water to break the bonds of stains and lift them from the surface. Rather than attack stains with harsh toxins and chemicals, it alters the molecular structure of a stain to lift it. Once a stain has been lifted, it can be rinsed from the surface. I received a gallon of cleaner. When you buy a gallon, you receive a spray bottle.
You can throw out all of your other cleaners because Genesis 950 can replace them ALL! That's right- it is a multipurpose cleaner. It has many uses, and some of them include:
  • Pet Stains- Remove pet stains, urine & odor from carpets, rugs & furniture
  • Carpet Cleaner- look and smell professionally cleaned! 
  • Remove tough stains (Food, Ink, Makeup, Grease, Tar) 
  • Clean bathrooms & kitchens (EVERYTHING)
  • Detail car interiors & exterior
  • Clean Grease, Tools and EVEN CONCRETE!
  • It also removes odors!
  • & MANY more!!!
I mentioned previously that this product is "green". If you have asthma or allergies, typical cleaners will bother you. Not to mention, with having kids, I hate for them to smell it or be in a closed space around when I am cleaning. You can throw your worries out the door with this cleaner. Genesis is sold in concentrate form and does not have to be watered down, however, it can be. It is also biodegradable. If used outdoors, it will not kill grass or plants. Nor will it have a negative effect if runoff goes into drainage systems. I wanted to clean outside a bit so that I can prepare to decorate for Fall. Check out what I used it for!
When we rented our apartment, the previous tenants had a rubber door mat and it left a stain. I scrubbed with almost everything that I could think of when I moved in, and it never left. It always stayed. I took this photo before trying Genesis 950. I am so thrilled with the result. Check it out below.
One good wet down with the spray bottle filled with 3/4 cleaner and 1/4 water achieved this result. I knew it was a heavier stain, so I used more cleaner than water. I sprayed it down and waited two minutes. I then scrubbed with a scrub brush and rinsed with water and THIS happened. It is an amazing result! NO MORE stain! Now I can get a pretty door mat without having that round ring stain showing.
Now, the next thing that I tackled is pretty gross. Our apartments are modern, however, the air unit is not. It drips water on the concrete and sometimes a sludge forms. It is GROSS. We moved here in June and I never got around to cleaning it up. Today was different. I was determined to see if this cleaner would work. Check out the before photo.
As you can see, it is pretty gross. Pollen, sludge, and just EW. I swept the area and all of this was just stuck there. I drenched it in the cleaner from the spray bottle that I prepared, waited two minutes and used a scrub brush to scrub it. I rinsed with water and got the following result.
How awesome is that?! My next project is to tackle that crack you see! I am so amazed at how this worked! I can't wait to try it on new things around the house. The recommended cleaning ratio for Genesis 950 is 1 part 950 to 7 parts water. Did you know that professional carpet cleaning can run over $100 per room? With a 2.5 gallon cube of Genesis 950, you can easily clean your entire home - even at a higher mixing ratio. How cool is that? This product is GREEN and also saves you that GREEN! (HA!)
Purchase Genesis 950 today! You can get it in many sizes, but I recommend starting off with a Gallon! It took A YEAR for me to go through mine last time! One gallon is only $42 on their website! What are you waiting for? Save your sanity one spray of Genesis 950 at a time. Be sure to visit their social media to stay up to date with the latest too! 
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  1. This looks great! I bet it would work great on my gas stove on the rings around the opening of the flame (HATE my gas stove) it is so hard to clean!

    1. We actually have some pictures of Genesis 950 cleaning a gas stove top!

  2. That is pretty impressive! I am going to enter right now. I would use this around my window sills. They are pretty gross this time of year!

  3. OMG. Concrete! There's nothing more frustrating than having stains and not being able to get them clean. I've tried a few cleaners expecting to get the concrete clean but it didn't work. I hadn't tried one that specifically said it would like this does!

  4. Those are awesome results. I need to lookout for this brand.

  5. This looks like a great product!

  6. I haven't heard of this before now. But I do understand feeling accomplished after a good cleaning!

  7. oh wow!! I have never seen this stuff before, but now I'm sitting her thinking of all the places I could use it on!

  8. Wow! That is really amazing. I have a few spots I can think of right off the bat I'd like to use this on.

  9. I use this to clean EVERYTHING. Pet stains, furniture, the kitchen . . . I even use it to clean my record collection! Hands down the best cleaning product ever.

  10. I would love to try this on the carpet in our basement play room.

  11. I would use this to clean the carpet in my living room & bedroom, as well as to clean the bathroom fixtures!

  12. I plan to use this in the basement bathroom.

  13. I plan to use this on my mom's stoop in the front of her house. She was just asking how she could get it clean. This would be incredible. I could also use it on my front porch.

  14. First thing, the garage floor and garage door. I'd use it in the bathrooms and kitchen mostly, for my laminate floors and carpets.

  15. The 1st thing i would like to clean would be the concrete walkway up to the front door..

  16. I was just passing through until I saw your porch/concrete area---I need this. I have a short "sidewalk" from my front porch around the house that acts as a catch all for dirt.
    Mary Beth Elderton

  17. I would use this product to clean my porch and patio area. What a great product!

  18. This comment has been removed by the author.

  19. I would use it....everywhere!! Haha living with toddlers will do that to ya

  20. I would use this in my kitchen, and pretty much everywhere.

  21. I plan to clean my whole house inside and out with this cleaner !

  22. The garage and the basement would be the first to get hit!


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