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I have two pets, and a messy husband and daughter in this house. "Round Here", things don't always go as planned. I have my routine during the school days. Get up a 7AM, walk two dogs, get Lydia up and dressed, and take her to the bus stop. I then walk the dogs again, see the husband off to work and start my sweeping and mopping. I sweep and mop daily, I do my dusting every other day. "Round Here" this house is  never quiet. I then clean the kitchen and load the dishes, do the laundry and sit for two hours. 
This is my time to work. I have to walk to go get Lydia because we are a one car family and my husband works. I get her homework done with her then it is time to cook dinner, have her shower, play for a few hours and off to bed. I use that time to complete more work and I see myself off to bed. I feel like I never get a break. The house seems like chaos "Round Here" more than I would like. 
I chose to be a work at home mom, so I can't complain. Thankfully my husband helps me when he can, but it is mostly on me. I wouldn't trade it for the world though. It makes me feel great to work from home and be around my family, I can do my own schedule and work on my own time. Days don't always go as planned. It is Fall break so "Round Here" is a little chaotic with the schedule being thrown off. It is just another day in the Brown household! 
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