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I told myself when I received these cookie cakes that if one good thing came out of this campaign, it was these! New Hampshire-based online retailer GourmetGiftBaskets is having a presidential cookie campaign. 
If you haven't heard of GourmetGiftBaskets.com before, you are missing out. I have received several items from them and I am always pleased! They have been in business since 2002 and they offer gift baskets and gourmet gifts for everyone. Irresistibly fresh fruits that are hand-picked daily in orchards, decadent imported chocolates, and some of the finest wines from around the world. 
The presidential cookie campaign is a fun way to vote so we can predict who the next president will be! These cookies include the company’s own versions of the Electoral College and the popular vote. Each 10-inch sugar cookie cake features its own frosting caricature of Democrat Hillary Clinton, Republican Donald Trump or Libertarian Gary Johnson.
Whether you’re Republican, Democrat, or Independent, these cakes are a delicious way to support your candidate. Eat anytime or even during the debates! You can also buy for your election party! You can head over to their website and cast your vote! The online retailer of upscale food gifts hopes to reveal all voting results on “Cookie Tuesday,” November 1st.
In addition to our “popular vote”, they are hosting their own Electoral College. GourmetGiftBaskets.com has  partnered with companies across the US – one company in every state received one of each cookie cake. Whichever cake ran out first is declared the winner in that state. 
I will say from personal experience that these cookie cakes are SO delicious! They are AMAZING with a cup of cold milk. My family and I LOVE them! Each cake is $34.99, but if you buy all 3 together, they are  $79.99! These are great to eat while you watch the debates, host an election night party, or send it to someone as a gift! Visit their website and purchase today. You can also visit GourmetGiftBaskets.com on their social channels below.
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