Organizing a cocktail party, but don't know anything about cocktails? Don't worry! We've got you covered! Here are 4 simple and great classical drinks that will truly impress your guests.
Long Island, Cuba Libre, Bahama Mama, Mojito, Margarita and dozens of other classical cocktails have been and continue to be part of popular culture. Startling just with their names, these drinks are an irreplaceable part of the menu of every top bar. However, they can also be on the table, part of your upcoming party, surprising and impressing your friends. You might have seen videos of bartenders doing these cocktails with such flair that you believe it will be impossible for you to learn how to make as much as 4 of them within just 15 minutes and the reading of one article. While we definitely won't be able to teach you the flair moves that require ton of practice, we are going to show you just how easy it is to make a cocktail, without much flair when prepared, but with a definite impact when put on the table in front of your friends.
Have to clean your house? Call a cleaning service. Got an essay to write? Let the experts from edu birdie handle it. Have a dentist appointment? Postpone it for next week. Get ready to focus your mind and prepare your lips for some tasty drinks. Because now it's time to indulge in some cocktail preparation. Check out these most popular cocktails while you are here too!

Long Island

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What you will need:

  • White Tequila - 1 oz. (30 ml.)
  • Gin - 1 oz. (30 ml.)
  • White Rum - 1 oz. (30 ml.)
  • Vodka - 1 oz. (30 ml.)
  • Freshly Squeezed Lemon Juice - 0.3 oz. (10 ml.)
  • Cola - 2-3 oz. (50-100 ml.)

  • A Couple of Oranges for Decoration
  • A Couple of Straws for Decoration

Introduction of the Drink:

Long Island is one of the most popular cocktails in the world and is a definite must, especially if you are going to have some guys over. A staple drink, Long Island is build from the ground up to be a harsh looking drink with a lot of alcohol in it that still manages to taste relatively simply. Note that it will also get you drunk pretty fast. While there is some variation of how this drink is prepared, the recipe we've chosen is extremely simple and can be done without much hassle. Furthermore, the decoration is extremely effective in impressing people, while being a breeze to be done.


  1. Pour the white tequila, the gin, the white rum and the vodka in the glass and stir with a spoon.
  2. Cut a round slice of Orange and push a straw through its center. Make sure that the straw fits tightly in the center
  3. Put the orange in the glass, so that it fits air tight. Make sure to push with your thumbs on both sides of the orange.
  4. Pour the coke on top of the orange
  5. Serve with a small plate on the side of half-cut orange slices and cinnamon

Tips: In order to avoid trouble when putting the orange, or if you don't have a Casablanca glass, you might want to first put the orange in the glass and then gently pour the alcohol on top of it. This way it will be easier for you to achieve the desired effect. Also make sure that the alcohol level is right at the orange level. If needed, depending on your glass situation, add smaller or larger amounts of alcohol, so that you can achieve the visual effect.
The Trick: The visual trick with this classical cocktail is pretty obvious. However, the magic happens when your guests start drinking their Long Islands. As they suck on the alcohol, the air pressure lets the Cola be pressured through the orange and gently and slowly mix in with the alcohol with every sip. This provides a great visual experience for your guests.
Note: If you truly want to impress your friends in your cocktail knowledge, you should know that in some recipes Cointreau is used, while in others a dash of Triple Sec is added. Nevertheless, both of these liqueurs are not necessary, when making the home version of this cocktail.

Non-Alcoholic Mojito

What you will need:

  • Crushed Ice
  • Soda
  • Brown Sugar - 1 tsp
  • Lemon - 4 to 5 small cubes
  • Lime - 4 to 5 small cubes
  • Mint - 6-7 Mint Leaves

  • Mint Stems for Decoration
  • A Couple of Straws for Decoration

Introduction to the Mojito:

Mojito is one of the most popular mixed drinks in this world, but it is also one that presents you with a ton of possibilities when preparead. Depending on the situation and once you learn what the main components of the drink are, you can experiment in a variety of different ways and even create your own Mojito cocktail variations. Here we've decided to introduce you with a simple to prepare Non-Alcoholic version of the popular drink, so that you can have a wide range of beverages for your guests without having to search for other non-alcoholic drink recipes. Furthermore, the only difference between the non-alcoholic mojito we've presented and the alcoholic one would be white rum, so you can easily turn this mild drink into a real wow-zer.


  1. Put lime and lemon cubes in the glass, alongside with the brown sugar and mint leaves
  2. Crush with a cocktail crusher sticks
  3. Put crushed ice into the glass
  4. Pour soda until glass is full
  5. Stir with a cocktail stirring spoon and add a mint stem with leaves for decoration alongside two straws

Tips: If you want to make the alcoholic version of this drink, as aforementioned, you can simply add white rum. Furthermore, if you don't have a cocktail crusher stick or a cocktail spoon, you can use a regular spoon for the stirring and crush the lemon and lime beforehand with a spoon or a knife and then simply put them in the glass. Make sure that you lose the least amount of juice possible, if you are going to do it this way.
The Trick: Mojito is extremely easy to make, yet it is highly praised, because it lets you unleash your creativity. Don't be afraid to prepare the cocktail in front of your friends. Even not knowing how to do flair, it will be an amazing experience for your friends.
Note: If you truly want to impress your friends with your creativity, create a Mojito-themed cocktail party and let them make their own Mojitos. Simply prepare the lime, lemon in cubes and the mint leaves and put them in bowls. Also, put a hand ice crusher on the table, along with brown sugar, soda and white rum, if your guests want to go for the alcoholic version of the cocktail. What's more, you can put bowls of strawberries cubed, apples cubed or blueberries, so that your guests can create different variations of this drink.


What you will need

  • Tequila - 2 oz (60ml)
  • Lime Juice - 1 oz (30ml)
  • Cointreau - 1 oz (30ml)

  • A Couple of Limes for Decoration
  • Salt for Decoration

Introduction to the Margarita:

Ah, the margarita! Definitely an infamous cocktail, the Margarita stays a staple in every house cocktail party, while retaining its glory as one of the most simple and best drinks in the world. While the Margarita won't startle your friends as much as the other cocktails on this list, it is nonetheless a safe bet and if done correctly and presented beautifully, it can still impress your friends.


  1. Put the Tequila, Lime Juice and Cointreau in a Shaker
  2. Shake well with Ice
  3. Rub the rim of the glass with a lime slice so that the salt can stick to it
  4. Put salt on the rim of the glass
  5. Gently Pour the Margarita in the Glass

Tips: Especially when preparing many cocktails for your friend, make sure to pour a relatively large quantity of salt into a plate. Then after you've rubbed the glass rim with lime juice, simply turn it over and dip it into the salt. With a simple and gentle turning motion pick up the glass. You will have a nice, almost professional looking salt rim that will definitely impress your friends.
The Trick: Get creative with your presentation. Why not make a margarita bowl? Or if you want, teach your friends how to achieve the perfect salt rim with the tip we've given you. Have fun and experiment with your creativity in the presentation as this will truly make you stand out and impress your friends.
Note: If you don't have a shaker, use a large bowl or something else and stir the ingredients with ice, instead of shaking. When a cocktail is done at home, such changes in the recipes and preparation of cocktails are forgiven.


What you'll need

  • Fresh Lime Juice - 0.5 oz (15ml)
  • Cranberry Juice - 1 oz. (30 ml)
  • Cointreau - 0.5 oz (15 ml)
  • Vodka - 1.5 oz (45 ml)
  • A Couple of Limes (or Orange Peels, check Trick) for Decoration

Cosmopolitan Introduction:

The Cosmopolitan is yet another amazing cocktail that is recognized all around the globe. Gentle in its taste, it’s perfect for any cocktail party you are going to throw and will definitely impress your friends. Extremely simple to make, the Cosmo is a statement presented in the form of a glass and thus, you will never be wrong to choose it for your party. This cocktail is almost like a gift you can give to your friends. Stylish and special, the Cosmopolitan is a definite must on your party.


  1. Pour All Ingredients into Shaker
  2. Shake Well with Ice
  3. Pour into a cocktail glass
  4. Add a lime slice on the side of the glass as decoration

Tips: Similarly to the Margarita, if you don't have a shaker, get creative with the ways to mix the ingredients up. This classic cocktail manages to impress all by itself, regardless of the way its ingredients are mixed up, especially in a home environment
The Trick: Instead of putting a lime slice on the glass as a decoration, you might as well add some flair and do it like the professionals. To truly impress your friends, decorate the cocktail in front of them. To do so, cut a small slice of an orange peel so it is in a flat shape. Then get a lighter. While holding the peel, with its soft side down, over the glass, quickly turn on the lighter and gently, but fastly, scrub the peel. Once done, drop the orange peel slice into the glass. This trick will definitely impress your friends.
Note: If your store has Vodka Citron, make sure that you purchase it, instead of regular Vodka. While this doesn't change the drink that greatly, it is certainly a nice addition and makes the cocktail that much more professionally made.
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