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I have a beautiful and outspoken 10-year-old. She is just getting to where she wants to be sure every hair is in place, and her outfit is perfect for school. I remember those days, but I don't remember them happening so soon. She really is growing too fast and it breaks my heart! I want it all to slow down! Dove Hair found that 8 in 10 women feel pressure to wear their hair a certain way. For many, these pressures begin at an early age. My daughter is one of those kids that can look in the mirror and ask me if it looks okay, and I will tell her it looks beautiful because IT IS. I try not to talk bad about myself if I am having a real "I look like crap, and I feel like crap day". I don't want it to rub off on her at all. She LOVES to wear her hair in buns! This kid is addicted!
I care about how my daughter feels. I also recently found out that in a recent Dove study found that 82% of girls learn to care about themselves from their mother. That is why  I want to be a positive role model and teach her that she is perfect how she is. I want her to be comfortable in her own skin and I want her to know she IS beautiful. I can teach my daughter to feel confident and to feel beautiful every day. 
I love her beautiful straight hair, and she wants to grow it longer so that we can play with it more and do different hair styles. I am so happy that I can teach my daughter to celebrate her beauty and love her hair! Beauty comes in all different styles, colors, and ages. I want to teach her to be confident in her own skin, because growing up, I was not. I want her to remember mom teaching her and telling her she is beautiful everyday!
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