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It is Bachelor Monday!! Okay, let's recap Season 21, week 2. I will run down all of the moments from the beginning. Bare with me, because I am watching this and blogging it live and I am doing a play by play of everything as I watch.
The episode started with Chris coming in and came in to tell them what's going on for the week. They were told they won't all have time with Nick and to take advantage of the time when they do. The first date card:
Corinne, Vanessa, Sarah, Alexis, Hayley, Lacey. Brittany, Jasmine, Raven, Danielle L, Taylor and Elizabeth W.

The cams keep going to Corinne-I already do NOT like Corinne, she is too much. Something about her rubs me wrong. SHUT UP already. Anywho, the group date- I thought it was odd to put it nicely. Bridal gown photo shoot? Save that for the special day Nick!! I know it was supposed to be for fun, but gosh. The girls that did not get a dress were in bridesmaid dresses. LOL I did like the humor of it, they all had themes. It was HILARIOUS Alexis (dolphin girl) was a shotgun bride and they made her look pregnant. Corinne won't stop gushing about how she is going to kiss Nick again. She seems like "the girl that has been around". The photos shoots were hilarious. 
[Image by Rick Rowell/ABC Television Network]
All of the themes were:
 Las Vegas Wedding, Biker Wedding, 80's wedding complete with some of the girls in awful bridesmaid dresses. Traditional Wedding, Princess Wedding (MY FAV OMG), Once again Corinne, they keep going to her. STOP. GAH! She's the "Lacey" of Ben's season. Other themes were Adam & Eve wedding, and Corinne is jealous of Brittany. her theme was a Beach Wedding. She took off her top and threw herself on him. I know she done it on purpose in front of all of the other girls. YES they are all there for themselves, but there is a thing called CLASS and respect for yourself and she doesn't have it. She won the challenge, and I hate it. (can you tell I don't like her). LOL
[Image by Rick Rowell/ABC Television Network]
Nick went on  a little date night with all of the girls and they went back to Corinne again. She kept gushing AGAIN on how Nick held her boobs (bc she put him in that situation). She is making all of the girls uncomfortable. She needs to GO. It is LUST not falling in love. Just my opinion though. 

Date Card- The girls back at the mansion received a card and Danielle M was the recipient of the date card.  
Once again Corinne comes into the picture and crashes a one on one. She ALREADY had her one on one. HOW RUDE. WOW. Nick seems annoyed, in a way. It is creepy, stalker-like. She's crashed multiple one on one conversations. NO SHE'S pissed that Taylor interrupted her right back. Taylor is adorable as well and they seem like they have a connection, it is too soon to see. Corinne and Taylor had a spat back and forth. AWKWARD. 

The rose of the night went to Corinne. SERIOUSLY
The next day:
Danielle M. went on her one on one date with Nick. A helicopter ride and landing on a yacht? ROMANTIC YES. She is from his hometown too!! 

LIZ keeps talking about her and Nick hooking up. I do not know why in the hell she thought that it would be a good idea to reveal that she slept with him. EVERY single girl is going to hate her now. JUICY drama. YES. She told  Christen everything. DETAILS. And she thought it was the funniest thing that she told Nick no to having her phone number. Why brag about it? She's upset he is on a date with Danielle M- SORRY HUNNY, you blew him off and you had your chance.
[Image ABC Television Network]
 It goes back to the one on one and Danielle is super giddy. Adorable. She seems so sweet and genuine. I cried when she told her story about her fiance overdosing and passing away. It gave them a great conversation to talk about. How traumatic and sad. Thanks for making me cry. She received her rose, of course. =) The ferris wheel moment was adorable.

The doorbell rings and it is another DATE CARD! Who is going? Kristen, Josephine, Astrid, Jamie, Christin, and LIZ. I wonder how this is going to play out now. All of the girls hop into the limo to Hollywood! He took them to the Museum Of Broken Relationships (REALLY? LOL). He donated his engagement ring. (Nick is anxious about LIZ being on this date because his history with her. He wants the rest of the girls to know so that this secret isn't a secret anymore. LIZ and Nick seem totally awkward and it is funny to watch. There was an exercise on "The Art Of Breaking Up" and the girls had to act out with Nick on how they would break up with him. Again.. WEIRD. 
[Image by Rick Rowell/ABC Television Network]
LIZ had her turn and then... let it out there. OMG. Before Nick could tell everyone else. SO AWKWARD. This was NOT the time for everyone to know. Nick acted totally awkward and the girls are so confused with everything. She made him so uncomfortable. The night was ending and he pulled LIZ to the side for a chat about things. Christen told Nick that she knew everything. Nick isn't too happy about it. Nick and LIZ had a one on one convo and he told her his feeling about her being there.
[Image by Rick Rowell/ABC Television Network]
This was juicy. It was one of those "grab your popcorn now" to watch moments. He is questioning why she is there. Why now. He told her bye and sent her on her way. 
She had it coming. I am sorry LIZ, but everyone is gonna question why now? Did you just want to be on TV? You had SO many chances to contact him! Nick then goes to tell all of the other women everything and he was afraid that it will blow up in his face with the other women. 
He told the girls why he sent LIZ home and what happened. The reactions were WOW and they left us with reaction previews for next week. Who is going to leave? Who is staying? WHY did they leave us hanging for a week? NOOOOOOOOO. I need more. I hate when they leave us hanging. I am curious to see who is gonna leave now, and who is going to stay? Will anyone opt to leave after feeling betrayal? Thanks for leaving us hanging!!! I will hang on until next week.

What are your thoughts for week 2? Tune in on Mondays 8/7C on ABC! Tell me in the comments! Thanks for reading!

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