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We are back for another week of The Bachelor. Last week left us hanging in a way. Corinne, the "very promiscuous" one (and that is being NICE) really pissed all of the girls off with her ways. She took Nick away during what was supposed to be a pool party, and she rented a bounce house. Straddled Nick and vice versa and was practically dry humping him for all to see. This made all of the girls question his intentions. Is he REALLY the playboy that people have been talking about? I guess we will see!

I am curious to see when the villain will be leaving. I complain she needs to go, but let's face it, she brings the drama and they want that for the ratings. Anywho, this week started with where the last episode ended. The girls are pissed. Vanessa particularly. It opened up with all of the girls discussing that "this is not okay". Meanwhile, Corinne was ASLEEP. Vanessa was telling Nick that she is questioning him and she would rather not have a rose if it is going to keep being this way. I LOVE THIS GIRL. She is REAL and her feelings are 100% validated. 

Chris came out to let Nick know that it is THAT time. The Rose ceremony. I am curious to see who is going to leave tonight. 
The first rose went to RAVEN. Taylor, Whitney, Kristina, Jasmine, Alexis, Astrid, Danielle, Jaimie, Josephine, Sarah, and Corinne. UGH. Vanessa, Danielle L. and Rachel all already had their roses.
Who went home:
Christine, and Brittany. =(
Corinne rubs it in their faces that she received a rose and then grabs her tits on camera to tell Nick to come and get it. What a sleeze. She knows what she is doing, that is for sure. 
The NEXT day. 
All of the girls are going to head on over to  Nicks hometown in Waukesha, Wisconsin. All of the girls are stoked to head and meet his family and see where he is from. The cameras panned to his parents. His MOM is so pretty!! The parents are so sweet and you can tell they are ready for a daughter in law already. 
Nick tells the girls that there is going to be a date today and it is a one on one and he picked Danielle L. They went to a local deli and decorated cookies together. It was actually really cute! They went to a coffee shop to have a coffee and ran into one of his ex-girlfriends. Talk about an awkward moment for sure. Nick and Danielle went on a dinner date and it was a tad romantic. 

Now- the date card back at the house for the other girls. Rachel. Alexis, Vanessa, Jasmine, Jaimie, Sarah, Whitney, Astrid, Danielle M. Taylor, Josephine, Corinne. Raven gets a one- one one date with NICK! 
Danielle L received a rose too! The date was romantic. They were able to enjoy a fireworks show and country star Chris Lane's concert. They danced and it was romantic and sweet and the crowd was loving it! 
 Photo Credit: ABC
Photo Credit: ABC
Photo Credit: ABC
The group date was all of the girls going to a dairy farm. This is hilarious. I know a few girls that are going to FLIP out about this and it is going to be great. Corinne would rather be in a spa. Of course... The girls walk in to seeing Nick feeding baby cows! SO CUTE. He wants to see which of the girls can embrace the day and not be afraid. Corinne isn't going to last. LOL The girls fed the cows hay and tried to milk a cow. Jaimie got right in and milked the cow! 

The camera kept going back to Corinne, bitching about the day. The girls shoveled cow poo as well, and Corinne did NOT really participate, as a matter of fact, she went away from the girls to do her own thing. Ridiculous. Disgusting. Her attitude needs to go and she needs to go. All of the other girls are participating and making a day of it, but her little bullshit self-entitled attitude always shows. 

Back at the house, Raven received her date card. She is just adorable with her country accent. Now, all of the girls went and had a get together with Nick after their dairy date. Back at the date, the girls are discussing Corinne and doubting her. I don't think they know she is listening to them. Vanessa gave Nick a book that her students and co-workers made for him and it is ADORABLE. This is the SWEETEST thing I have EVER seen on here. Corinne came in the room to address the girls. I can see where this is going..

Her intentions are being called out. The fact she went to bed during a ROSE ceremony was brought up. Taylor is over it, and she is about to blow from what it seems. Vanessa explained that the girls are upset about her missing the pool party and rose ceremony. Kristina explained that she didn't have to do anything but stand there for 20 minutes and she could have shown up to the rose ceremony. Corinne went and tattled to Nick thinking she would get a rose if she told him everything. Pathetic. Grow a pair. She thought it was weird that her and Nick did not kiss. I thought it was funny. The group date rose went to Kristina! Corinne is pissed of course.
The next day, Raven meets Nick to go on their date together. The first part of their date is his little sister Bella's soccer game! It was cute watching him with his sister and watching the girls practice Raven jumped in and participated. She was able to meet the parents! I did not expect it to happen that early. His sister invited them to go skating! 

Back at the house: Corinne is being talked about and vice versa. OMG. STOP. Taylor is not happy with her again. 

Nick and Raven went on the date skating. It was cute to see them all hang out together and cute seeing Raven and his sister talking. They had a cute conversation and Bella likes Raven. Seeing the skate brought back memories like crazy. I used to go to the rink every weekend! This date was old school and cute! Their dinner date and conversation that night was adorable. Her story on walking in on her EX with a different woman was dramatic. You can see the connection between Nick and Raven. It is sweet. She received a Rose of course. 

The night went on to the girls having a cocktail party and Corinne has an issue with Taylor. Danielle L. took nick aside and Taylor is annoyed bc she already has a rose. In MY opinion, she is there for herself. Not anyone else. Why worry about anyone else? You are there for YOURSELF. So do what you have to do. Taylor got in the middle of their time together and cuddled with Nick a bit by the fire. Corinne made comments that she is GROSS and Josephine is talking shit about her with Corinne. Disgusting.  
I kind of hope there is a cat fight. We need one... dramaaaa! Corinne confronted Taylor about the way Taylor has been talking about her behind her back. Corinne feels that Taylor is talking to her like she's an idiot. It leaves off with Corinne wanting to punch Taylor in the face. I wonder what is going to  happen next week...... Until then...

What were your thoughts about this week?

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