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It is that time again! LAST WEEK, we left off with Corinne wanting to punch Taylor in the face. Taylor expressed how much she did not like Corinne's actions. The connection that Raven and Nick had was AMAZING. How will tonight go? HMM. Today's episode opened up with the girls talking about the spat and the girls fighting. Taylor and Corinne are both in the wrong here in my opinion. Taylor is psychoanalyzing Corinne and she knows it. Corinne ran to Nick and tattled on Taylor. I think it is stupid and childish if you ask me. This is going to make her look bad. These girls need to be here for themselves only and nobody else. On the last episode, Kristina received a group date rose, and Raven received the one on one date rose. 
Who will go home tonight? The Rose Ceremony follows:
Whitney, Danielle, Jasmine, Rachel, Jaimie, Josephine, Vanessa, Alexis, Corinne (GAG) & Taylor.

Astrid & Sarah were sent home.

Nick announced to the girls that they were going to New Orleans! The day started with the girls in New Orleans and Rachel received the one on one date card with Nick! If you remember, she received the FIRST IMPRESSION rose on the first night. 
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Their date was pretty cute, they went around New Orleans and tried the food and shopped. Their chemistry is pretty AMAZING, I have to say. They had such an amazing time together and they ended the night in a warehouse full of Mardi Gras floats! They are SO INTO each other and I am rooting for them. She received her date rose, of course! 
Back at the hotel, the girls were waiting for the date card! Josephine, Kristina, Alexis, Raven, Jaimie, Vanessa, Danielle M m Whitney, Jasmine, and Danielle L are going on the group date. 
This means the RIVALS, Corinne and Taylor are going on a two on one date with Nick and only one will stay. 
All of the girls arrived with Nick and the date was a HAUNTED house! Raven is just ADORABLE with her southern accent and cute attitude. The girls are a tad freaked out about the situation, and I think it is hilarious. They took a haunted tour of the house and the girls were scared shitless. The lights shut off and freaky things start happening. 
Back at the hotel, Corinne is taking a bath and drinking champagne in the tub and she keeps talking about Taylor. Taylor is meditating and taking about Corinne. These girls need to grow up. RATINGS I guess.
Back at the hotel, Rachel and Taylor have a conversation with Rachel. This should be good.. They received the official date card and they are meeting Nick the next day. The date rose of the night went to Danielle M. Raven is a tad upset that he doesn't feel the same way she does about him.

The two on one date- The date started with the two of them taking a boat deep out to the bayou. They met with a voo doo priestess and had a tarot card reading. There was plenty of shit talking and going back and forth. Corinne talked to Nick about the "attacking" and Nick kissed her to shut up. Taylor defended herself and then Corinne and her go at it arguing. By the time it all ends, Corinne gets the Rose, and we know Taylor is going home. In my opinion, they both need to go. They are both petty. I am upset that Corinne lied her way to the rose. Pathetic. 
Corinne had a dinner date with Nick at the end of the night, and I was hoping that she would blow it. Taylor is giving me a "CHAD" vibe going to hunt them two down like she is.. She wants Nick to know the truth and wants him to know that HE was lied to. The episode ended with Taylor walking in on the date with Corinne. IT left us hanging as usual. 

Until next week.. ARG

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