Bachelor Monday Thoughts
It is that time again! Bachelor Monday! What does this week have in store for all of us? Last week left off with Corinne and Taylor on a two on one with Nick, Corinne lied to Nick and that left him giving her the rose and Taylor leaving. Corinne and Nick were on their date that night and Taylor went to hunt them down to tell Nick the TRUTH. Taylors conversation really led to nowhere with Nick. It was petty to come back at him like this and Corinne is still here. 

The cocktail party gets cancelled and we go straight to the Rose Ceremony. Roses : Corinne has hers, Danielle M and Rachel also has theirs. Kristina Raven Vanessa Danielle L. Jasmine Whitney all get a rose too. 
Who goes home? Taylor previously, Jaimi King, Josephine Tutman and Alexis Waters. This makes me sad. I liked Jaimi. 

The girls head to ST Thomas and Nick meets the ladies. Kristina gets a one on one date with Nick! Jasmine is torn up because it wasn't her that received the date so she's being a drama queen wondering if Nick notices her or not. (REALLY?!). Back to the date, Nick and Kristina have their date and he learns more about her. They are on a cute picnic. He learns that she has a sister in Russia too. Their date that night was sweet. She told him about her sad past (AND WOW!) He learned that he was in an orphanage and that is so sad. Nick ends up giving her a date rose. 

Back at the hotel, the girls earn their date card. Rachel, Raven, Vanessa, Corinne, Danielle M. and Jasmine. That leaves Danielle L. and Whitney are all heading out to a date. This date was a disaster. Jasmine won't shut up because she hasn't gotten a one on one with Nick. Corinne gets smashed and the girls are trying to play volleyball. No one seems to be in the mood. Danielle M starts crying. Awful lol The winning team was supposed to get time with Nick. It went downhill. Rachel lets Nick know she hates group dates and all of the girls are expressing how they feel. Jasmine still WON'T shut up. LOL. Nick comes to get Raven for some time and Jasmine is still upset. OMG. STOP already. Nick comes back to get Jasmine and she lets loose on him. It is comical in a way. Who tells someone that they want to choke them?! HAHA. It won't stop, but she ends up going home over it. It did not show it, but I am assuming Raven gets the group rose from this date. 

One on one date- There isn't a point in talking about it, Both of the girls go home. It was a shit show if you ask me. Whitney was sent home first and then Danielle M after having a chat with Nick and telling him she is in love with him. He doesn't feel the same, and she ends up going home. Nick is a MESS. He goes to talk to the girls and he is just all over the place MESS. I am starting to wonder if this is even meant for him... Until next week I guess!!! AHH! I DO NOT LIKE this season.. AT ALL. 

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