Bachelor Monday Thoughts
It is that time again. Week 7 of The Bachelor. Last week, Nick had a meltdown. Several girls were sent packing. How will this week go? The episode starts with the girls discussing what happened and Nick discussing it with Chris. I am going to be honest and tell you all that I am totally #TEAMRAVEN. I am going to be upset if she goes packing. 
Nick comes back to the girls room to see them and chat. He basically says that the final 6 women give him hope and cancels the Rose Ceremony. He then tells them that they are headed to Bimini, Bahamas. A date card arrives and Corinne thinks that it is for her and she thinks she deserves it. Low and behold it was for Vanessa. (HA!). The one one one date starts with Nick and Vanessa going on a yacht and she tells him her feelings about being scared. Corinne is back at the hotel talking crap about Vanessa (jealous much?), and the camera goes back to Nick and Vanessa. She is in love with him and it is obvious. 

Back at the hotel a date card arrives and it is a group date for Corinne, Kristina and Raven! Corinne is pissed. Vanessa and Nicks date night was awkward for her because she spilled her heart telling Nick she is falling for him and she can't wait for him to meet her family. After she tells Nick she is falling for him, he doesn't say it back. It leaves her confused. These one on one dates do not get roses FYI. 

Group Date- The girls heat to meet Nick on a Yahgt (really? lol) and Corinne strips down to her bikini right away. Everyone else does too and Nick starts putting sunscreen on Kristina and it makes Corinne jealous. Corinne is jealous bc she thinks the date is about Kristina. Pathetic if you ask me. The evening portion comes and Nick starts talking to Kristina and starts crying AGAIN. She is ready to bring him home to her family. Raven gets some time with Nick too. She is so cute. She also talks about her dad being diagnosed with cancer. So sad. 

Back at the hotel, Danielle gets a date card for a one on one and it goes back to the group date. Corinne gets time with Nick and starts being a baby about not having one on one time with him yet. After they come back to the group, Nick gives a rose to Raven!!! They leave the other two behind and head to a concert by Adam Friedman. They start dancing a kissing. I love these two together. 

The next day, Danielle gets her date with Nick. Their date is cute, they ride bikes and go shopping. They play basketball with local kids too. They start discussing hometowns and Danielle is just weird. She seems like she is spacing out. Back at the hotel, Rachel gets her date card and she is exciting. It goes back to Danielle and Nicks date that night and she starts telling Nick she has feelings and it is scary. If you don't remember, she was engaged and her fiance passed away. Nick doesn't feel the same way with her and he thinks they are friends. He ended up sending her home. She is a mess. A BIG MESS. She goes to get her things and everyone comforts her. 

Corinne gets dolled up and tries to sneak over to see Nick. I am not sure how this is going to go. She is obviously wanting to get down and dirty. Corinne goes to his room and they start talking nasty. It is obvious what is going down in there. He tells her that he doesn't think it is a good idea, and it is very tempting but he needs to wait. Corinne is upset. He said he cares about her but he cares about the other girls too. He doesn't want to make the same mistake that he did in the past. I find it hilarious that her skank plan backfired on her. She is a mess about it. 

The next day starts with Nick and Rachel going on a date together. She is so pretty. They discuss hometowns and the discussion comes along that Rachel has never brought home a white man. Nick asks her if it is something to be concerned about. She knows what she wants. She comes back and tells Raven how great the date was! Corinne is freaking out because she "NEEDS" this hometown with Nick. GO HOME Corinne. 

Nick and Chris start talking and he knows who he needs to say goodbye to. This is a legit moment for Corinne. She thinks she is going home for sure. Nick wants to say goodbye but not during a rose ceremony. He comes in and asks for Kristina. This is bad. Corinne is flipping out because she thinks SHE is going home. I am pissed that he is sending Kristina packing. I will be so UPSET with ABC if he keeps Corinne. I did not expect her to make it this far. Nick tells Kristina that he feels like there are stronger relationships in the house. 

How do I predict Nicks season? I think he is going to be too scared. I think at the end of this he will be alone. Until next time... 
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