Bachelor Monday Thoughts
We are in the home stretch. One episode from finding out who Nick chose. Tonight hearts will be broken. But WHO? The last episode ended with Andee knocking on Nicks door. They made it seem dramatic, however, she just came to chat with him about what he is thinking. It was a really good conversation. He now knows how she felt when she was in this situation! Tonight is a Rose Ceremony. I am curious to see who is going. 

The ceremony came along and roses were given to Raven, Rachel and then Vanessa. CORINNE WAS SENT HOME. Praise JESUS! She cried as expected. I am surprised that she made it this long to be honest. I see her going on Bachelor In Paradise though. It was an emotional goodbye. She went to sleep in the limo. 

They headed to FINLAND to start Fantasy Suite Dates! Raven was first. I LOVE HER. Just sayin. Their date went well and they had an amazing conversation. Typical relationship talk. They talked about everything. It was SO CUTE. I hope that he picks her! She told him she is nervous about "tonight" and told him she has never had an orgasm. She also professed her love for him and it was the CUTEST. The episode ended there, and I was disappointed. Next week, we will have a 3 hour episode. Who will win?! We will see.
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