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If you were unaware, setting up a Nintendo Network ID is so simple! It also has some pretty amazing benefits that you need to know about too! Some of the benefits include being able to download and play free-to-start games like Pok√©mon Picross and Nintendo Badge Arcade! Creating an ID is easy to do. Since it requires the consent of a parent or guardian for anyone under 13 years old, it’s best to set up the ID on your child’s system for them. On Nintendo 3DS family systems, you’ll start by going to “System Settings.” Then follow the step-by-step instructions.
You can also download more than 125 free game demos! This is a great way to try before you buy! To find free demos, just tap the Nintendo eShop icon, then look for the category for “Games with demos.” Tap it to see a list of what’s available. You can follow those same steps for “Free to start.”
You also get access to video-on-demand services like Hulu and Netflix! YES! My 10 year old watches Netflix on her systems!  There’s also tons of free video content available from Nintendo, including game trailers, Nintendo Minute videos, Play Nintendo content, and more. Look for the “Newest videos” category on Nintendo eShop to see what’s available.
Receive exciting updates and more. Your child can also express themselves! There is a community called Miiverse and you can post screenshots, share messages and more. You can also make your own Mii! It is pretty neat, actually. If you link to a Nintendo account, you can receive digital awards and discounts. Lastly, you can receive exciting updates about new products, games and more! Having an ID means you and your kids can buy digital games on Nintendo eShop—sometimes for a discounted price that you won’t find in other stores. (Don’t worry—by restricting Nintendo 3DS Shopping Services via parental controls, they can’t purchase without your help.) GO HERE to see step by step instructions on how to set it up! It is detailed and easy.   No 3DS? Check out Wii instructions HERE.
Be sure to visit Nintendo on their social channels to stay up to date with the latest too!
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  1. Well, I'd have to say that Pikachu is my favorite character from the Nintendo products. All the Pokemon!

  2. My girls say Pikachu rules, the boys say Mario rules.

  3. i love playing with daisy because she is so girly and she is the best one to play with on any mario games.

  4. I've got a soft spot for Mario, hard to mess with the original.


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