Here are some methods for responsible use of a backyard. 
Having a productive backyard is not something people often talk about. We are a bit spoiled when it comes to backyard and we primarily use it for recreational purposes. As such, we often disregard the fact that this space is actually an area which can be used for multiple purposes, among other creation and storing of resources. Given that we are living in a conscious society where resources and food matter more and more homeowners are opting for methods that will allow them to grow their own produce.

Water tanks and barrels
Water barrels are not a new idea; they have existed for quite a while. Instead of missing on all that rainwater, homeowner can use a plastic barrel positioned bellow the roof to harvest all that excess water. Later on, it can be used either for washing your car, watering the plants or some other backyard choir. With the development of technology, a new water collection method has emerged. People can now use rainwater through water tanks. These tanks collect the water and then send it to house with rainwater tank pumps. These pumps will allow the circulation, water will be filtrated and now, homeowner can use it for drinking, washing dishes and bathing.

Solar collectors
Solar panels are rather new invention being able to harvest the power of the Sun and use it for domestic purposes. In a normal situation, you can position solar panels on your roof. This is the optimal position as it ensures they will not be blocked by some items. Nevertheless, roof space is rather limited and depending on your needs, you might need to place several panels in your backyard. A great thing about it is the fact that you are able to significantly cut the costs of electricity. In fact, panels will pay for themselves in next several years. Given the constant increases in energy prices, this difference will become even more obvious as the time goes by. There is another great benefit. Collectors allow you to be autonomous. Instead of depending on local authority and electricity provider, you can be certain that you will always have free power for your home.

Planting a vegetable garden
Another great use for your backyard is planting a vegetable or fruit garden. With it, you can be certain that all food produced by you if of the highest quality. You can escape the trap of GMO and various additives that can have such a negative impact on the plants and subsequently, your health. Nowadays, this mindset is even popular in biggest cities especially those hit by the economic crisis. As a way to feed their families, a lot of homeowners have decided to make this move thus ensure they save some money and eat well.

Planting trees
Most of highly developed countries have strict air-quality control. Nevertheless, some areas of the world as well as certain cities have higher than normal pollution level. Although you can’t do anything for the city in general, you can definitely improve the air which you’re breathing. You can do this by planting trees in your backyard or front yard. Most people tend to neglect the impact one tree can have on quality of air. Besides that, these trees are also good for their fruit-bearing value. So, it’s a win-win.

With these tips, we are certain that you will find a way to better utilize your backyard. By playing smart, we can maintain our planet and protect it for generations to come.

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