Bachelor Monday Thoughts
Check out previous weeks posts HERE.  I can't believe that we are already on WEEK 10! Will it be Raven? Will it be Vanessa? Last weeks episode revolved around Nick and Raven and their Fantasy Suite date. 

We are still in FINLAND. Raven says that Nick is really good at what he does and she's satisfied! We know what that means!

We are now seeing Rachel and Nick. We already know she gets sent home, so I just want to know why and what happens with her. They start their day cross country skiing. They have a little time to talk and Rachel is saying that she didn't think she would feel this way so early. Her biggest fear is rejection.

Nick gives her "THE CARD", she accepts and they head to the Fantasy Suite. I am kind of disgusted because she is having Ravens leftovers lol. I feel bad he left Raven in a hurry but cooked breakfast with Rachel. OMG. I would be hurt.

Now Vanessa is going to have her time with Nick. She said it has been a week since she last seen him. Their day started weird. Ice bath, then they run to the sauna. They started talking about traditions and all of that and it was awkward. They have a conversation that night about compromising and such. She asks Nick if he's comfortable with moving and he isn't comfortable with it. She seems upset by it. But she came into an AMERICAN show, this should have been talked about a LONG time ago. Vanessa tells Nick she loves him. I don't feel like he is "feeling it" and I am taken back right now. Vanessa says YES to a Fantasy Suite. They woke up in bed.. of course. GAG NICK.

Today is a Rose Ceremony. Nick is emotional. All of the girls look gorgeous! He is crying. You can tell he doesn't want to let anyone go. The first rose goes to RAVEN!!!! The second goes to Vanessa. We knew that Rachel was leaving. We just did not know when. I am excited to see her as the new Bachelorette though.

The women tell all. This is drama. drama drama. I am going to skip this, bc it is too much.
Until next week!

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