Bachelor Monday Thoughts
It is that time. Last week, the girls had their Fantasy Suites and Rachel was sent home. It is between Raven and Vanessa. Who will win Nick's heart over? Will he be left standing? I guess we will see! I am really hoping that he picks Raven. Vanessa is too much. She won't leave Canada. I just know it. She is too traditional, where Nick does his own thing. 

Chris Harrison is live in the studio. Everyone is ready to see who wins Nick's heart tonight. Nick is in Finland with his family and he is talking about his fears of course. At times he feels that he has loved both women. If you didn't know, they are in Finland where Santa is from! IT then goes to Raven with her family. If you remember, Raven met Nick's family already when she had her first date of all things in Wisconsin. Her nerves are still there. 

She enjoys dinner with them and raven talks with his sister and father. Raven let's them know she is in love with him. She tells his mother she is in love with him too. Nick talks to his mom and sees that Raven has affected Nick in a positive way. I love Raven. I hope she wins. 

Vanessa then gets t meet Nick's family. Nick's mom was hoping to see a connection with Vanessa like she did with Raven the day before. Vanessa tells Nicks mom she is in love with Nick but not sure if she is ready for a proposal because she is not sure that she is ready to move to that step. She said she thinks it will be moving to fast. Vanessa then talks to his sister about leaving Montreal ahs she would be the first to do it. Nick talks with his father. He is concerned Nick has a type and Vanessa falls into that. Nicks dad feels that Vanessa loves him but is scared of hurting him. I am reallllly going to be pissed off if she ruins this. 

Nicks family is basically afraid about him being rejected. They are afraid that basically, it can be him being left at the proposal altar again. 

Vanessa has a final date with Nick. It is beautiful. They go out horseback riding. There is snow everywhere. It is magical. They head out and see the cutest shack and SANTA IS THERE! They chate with him about their sish and they get a gift from him. It has symbols of love and fertility on it. They head to a fire and chat about Vanessa meeting his family. They talk about what they want and such and now she is confused and it is a clusterfuck in my opinion. She is too much.

They have their evening portion of the date. Vanessa wants answers and she asks Nick questions and he gives general answers. He isn't giving his heart out right away. She asked if he is ready to propose and he said the week is not done. She wants to know right now if shes the one. He tells her when he is with her he only thinks of her blah blah. She is a mess. She knew about this show and how it was done. You can't play like that. Get over yourself girl. 

Nick and Raven then have their final date. Once again, I love them together. They go walking and come upon a little lake. They end up going ice skating. This is SO CUTE because they also went roller skating. These two mesh together better in my opinion. This is magical. She isn't so serious. They are having FUN. SO CUTE! They drink tea and snuggle by the fire. They are adorable. He brings her HUSKY PUPPIES!!!!! Raven hopes her kids are just as cute, just not as hairy. She is so confident and I hope she doesn't get her heart broken. 

The night portion is cute and simple. She is IN LOVE with him. Raven asked him how he is doing without giving away too much. He cares for BOTH of them. Raven tells Nick she knows he has the biggest day coming and she has no hesitation and she knows she is ready. She is ready to say YES. She loves him and it will be easy for her that day if he gets down on one knee. Nick has no reservations about how happy that Raven would make him. 

It is because of her senserity and how she says things. I hope these two stay together. I really do. I am terrified he is going to pick VANESSA. GOSH DO NOT let that happen. They will NOT last. 

The next day comes and Nick is going to choose his wife. Who will he propose to? Neil Lane comes to visit Nick so that he can pick a ring. This man is not a stranger to him lol 
Nick is ready to make his decision. He is scared. Nervous. Who will he pick? Nick made his decision and he is going to say goodbye to them. 

AND Raven gets out of the car. JUST GREAT. She is going home. I am PISSED. It breaks my heart knowing that hers is about to get broken. Raven spilled her heart to Nick and you just see it in his face.He is crying. He doesn't know if he is IN LOVE. Raven is being to graceful about this. He tells her he is goig to miss her. Her words " I know". OMG. I am CRYING. He walked her to the car. He could have at least grabbed her a coat LOL. This girl is so graceful about it all. She is holding herself together. 

Nick let her go. STUPID. STUPID. STUPID. Vanessa is going on and on and she said she is going back and forth on if she wants to be engaged. Shes is afraid she is going to hurt him. Nick proposes to her. She says YES. I am pissed about this season. 

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