Teen Mom drama time! Kailyn Lowry announced on her website last week that she is indeed pregnant with her third child, but she revealed the news reluctantly. On her site, Kailyn stated that while she is indeed expecting, that she wasn't ready to announce the news, and that she was pressured into announcing by people who “sold her out”. Now we know who she was referring to in that essay.

The whole thing started out when the Teen Mom 2 after show went live. Jenelle, who was supposed to be on the show, pulled out at the last minute. Kailyn opened up the show with a live video chat with Nessa, the host. In the interview, Kailyn said that it was Jenelle who broke the news that Kailyn was pregnant, when she tweeted congratulations at her before Kailyn had even revealed her big news.

Never one to let something slip by without confrontation, Jenelle began tweeting at Kailyn to set the record straight. She shared a series of screenshots that she had with someone, stating that it was actually Javi (Kailyn's ex-husband and NOT the father of her baby), who contacted media outlets to share her pregnancy news. However, Javi took to Twitter to defend himself as well, tweeting at Jenelle repeatedly until she finally blocked him, and Kailyn finally apologized for misinterpreting the tweet. Shew! So much drama in the Teen Mom family these days, we hope things calm down soon! 
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