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In honor of Women's Health Week last week, I want to discuss something that is rarely talked about! Did you know that nearly 65 millon Americans suffer from bladder leakage? I am a mom, and since having kids, I have not been the same. I can't tell you how many times that I sneeze and the world ends. Ladies, let's discuss this what seems to be "taboo subject". Depend® Real Fit®, Depend® Silhouette® and Depend® Silhouette® Active Fit® Briefs are all brands that you can use, pick and choose what is right for you!
My Story

This started when I had my first baby. I am now almost 28 and I have this. I used to have to search for the bathroom and make note as to where it was before I went shopping. Road trips were crazy because it always took several more hours to get there because of my problems! Bladder leakage does not have to just happen to the older generation, millennials like myself have it too. If you have it, you are NOT alone and I wanted to share my story to let you know that. I am so thankful that with Depend®, I can feel great and be confident. 

Depend® is working with several women who all have two things in common – they’re all moms and they all have incontinence. The two women below have partnered with Depend® in an effort to bring the discussion to the forefront and to help women understand that bladder leakage isn’t just normal – it’s also very common.

Suzie's Story

Suzie Haines, 45, first started experiencing incontinence while running a marathon. She had the sudden urge to use the restroom but didn’t make it in time. After that “oops” moment, she would map out the closest bathrooms everywhere she went. She didn’t really have anyone to talk to and didn’t know where to turn for help. Eventually, she started using pads, until she found Depend, which she says made all the difference – boosting her confidence and helping her feel protected all day. Today, she’s a fitness instructor, yoga enthusiast and active mom who embraces each day worry-free.

Dylan's Story

Entrepreneur and community activist, Dyan, had always lived an energetic and fulfilling life. So when she started to experience incontinence, she did everything she could to prove to herself and her family that she could still pursue her dreams; even if it meant rushing to the bathroom more times than she’d anticipated throughout the day. After a while, Dyan was convinced that there had to be a better way to live without changing her on-the-go lifestyle. That’s when she decided to try Depend and she hasn’t looked back since. Today, she’s teaching children dance routines at her own studio and performing with her own dance group (featuring women ages 40+) at national sporting events, including the LA Clippers and LA Sparks.

These women are amazing! I hope their stories inspire you and let you know that YOU ARE NOT alone!
When you think of bladder leakage, you usually think of bulky product or product that makes you self-conscious. I want to share with you the NEW  Depend® Real Fit, Silhouette and Silhouette Active Fit briefs! The new, improved Depend® Real Fit, Silhouette and Silhouette Active Fit briefs were designed with the same trusted protection and improved quality including a new look and better feel than the previous material.
  • New, more masculine and feminine design with an exclusive range of colors.
  • A smooth, sleek fit.
  • A premium, cotton-like fabric that’s now more breathable than ever
 With this new and improved product, I can be active and I can feel amazing. Not to mention, they are breathable and the fit is AMAZING! Look! I can wear leggings AND do yoga in these! These are amazing for any woman! They are especially great for those on the go! Score a free sample of this product now! This gives you a chance to try before you buy! 


For more information about incontinence, Depend® products and for a free sample visit: http://bit.ly/2pwwpjt 
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Do you have a story that you would like to share? I would love to hear! 
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