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There’s a lot of things that little girls dream of.

Some dream of being teachers, astronauts, or maybe even a unicorn. Others dream of their wedding day and spend childhood afternoons getting married to invisible grooms. And finally, as they gently rock their dolls back and forth, many little girls dream of becoming a mother.

They do not, however, dream of negative pregnancy tests, IUIs, or IVF cycles.

Little girls don’t lose themselves in thoughts about the struggle to conceive. Nor do they imagine the Google search that will land them on this site:

In my case, though, Donor Egg Bank USA turned out to be the answer to my prayers and the key to solving our longstanding battle with infertility.

Finding Our Way to Donor Egg IVF

After three long years of trying to get pregnant, my husband and I were at a loss. We tried naturally for what seemed like forever and then underwent several IUIs and three IVF cycles. After all of these efforts, my doctor delivered the hard-hitting news I’d been fearing: there was no real reason or explanation, but my eggs were not viable for pregnancy.

The devastation that followed this announcement is something I can’t even describe. I was at war with my own body and found myself losing miserably. I couldn’t drag myself out of the depression that had settled over me.

It wasn’t just about losing the genetic connection I’d always expected to have with my children; I was being forced to give up my dreams of pregnancy.

Or so I thought.

One day while scouring the internet for supportive articles and message boards, I stumbled upon a site for a donor egg storage facility. Up to that point, I had never given donor eggs a passing thought, but they seemed like the perfect solution for us.

Despite an absence of my DNA, I soon grew to realize that the bond forged throughout pregnancy between a mother and child is stronger than any biological connection could ever be. My husband and I discussed the opportunity and knew it was the right choice. We made the call and didn’t look back again.

Choosing a Donor Egg

It’s a strange sensation to choose your child’s mother. As we sifted through stats and photos, we pondered questions about physical resemblance, hobbies and even ethnicity. There was so much information to process, but we found comfort in the level of care taken by the storage facility in choosing the women that would be their donors.

Each potential donor is required to undergo a rigorous screening process before their eggs can be accepted. This includes medical assessments, background checks, drug testing, and much more. Only the most qualified candidates can donate.

Once their eggs are collected, they are flash frozen in a revolutionary process known as vitrification. This technique prevents ice crystal formation and guarantees the donor eggs you’ve chosen have been completely protected during storage.

Once we selected our donor, the eggs were shipped to our fertility clinic where they would be thawed and fertilized for my upcoming IVF cycle.

Donor Egg IVF – How Does It Work?

My IVF cycle started with a series of tests that would give my doctor a better understanding of my current health and reproductive status. These tests included things such as blood work and ultrasounds.

Once they had all the information they needed it was time to start my IVF medications.

I started a regimen of birth control pills, progesterone, and estrogen to prepare my body for the upcoming cycle. These medications ensured that my uterus was in the best state possible and that my endometrial lining was the appropriate thickness for implantation.

Once my doctor decided I was ready, we drove to the clinic one early Monday morning and our sweet, little embryo was implanted into my uterus during a pain-free procedure. Nine months later we welcomed our little girl into the world.

Becoming the Parents We’d Always Dreamed of Being

When I look into my daughter’s eyes, I don’t see another woman’s child staring back.

I see the baby who kicked inside my belly all night long. I see the newborn that I lovingly nursed right after I delivered her. I see the darling girl who smiles at me sweetly and calls me Mama.

My husband and I didn’t dream of donor eggs, but they were the answer to our prayers. Another woman’s sacrifice has given us the chance to finally become the parents we’d always hoped to be.

I wouldn’t change our journey for the world.

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