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Kids love toys, kids these days love collectible toys! Lydia loves it all. I love the look on her face when she opens one of the "blind bags" and giggles when she gets something that she doesn't have! Have you heard of The Grossery Gang? These little collectible toys are the coolest and just amazing! Lydia and I had the chance to work with Moose Toys on featuring Season 3 of The Grossery Gang here on The Small Things.  Your kids may already know about them. They are popular on YouTube for their cartoon series! Speaking of, on 7/29 the Grossery Gang Putrid Power Movie (Clean Team vs. Grossery Gang) will be on live! Watch it at the bottom of this post!
 Lydia was stoked to receive a variety of Season 3 products to feature here on The Small Things! She wouldn't stop asking me to open them all! Season 3 is The Grossery Gang Putrid Power! These are pretty amazing! They are messier than ever with this season! There are 150 ALL NEW characters in this collection! You can swap, squish and play with them! There are even new Big Mouthed Biters and Metallic Characters!

Season 3 is different! Season 3 is even more exciting! There is an evil force in Cheap Town known as THE CLEAN TEAM! These guys want to wipe out the Grossery Gang for GOOD! OH NO!!!! The gang must band together to transform into the ultimate disgusting dudes to fight off clean power! Watch it all go down in the movie on YouTube!

Check out our video here. (I am sorry my head was cut off. We did not realize until after we were done AND we were nervous!)

You can collect and even play games with them. The collector card in the trash cans tells how to play. Each pack has different products. The packs all have something different to offer. The 16 pack has two special finishes such as shiny and trash stained. The trash stained is exclusive!
The 5 pack has the chance to get LIMITED EDITION GUNKY GAS STATION GROSSERIES! The trash can packs include two. We call them blind bags because you never know what you have until you open them. They have special finishes that include Shiny, Oil Stained, and Vermin Biters! The Grossery Gang is separated into different collections within. They have characters that belong into each! Trash Alley, Fish Market, Vile Vermin, World Food, Cruddy Sport, Gross Greasies, Junk Yard, Barf Room Supplies, Stinky Snacks, Clean Team (These are the SHINY SERIES) AND they have the Gunky Gas Station. Those are LIMITED EDITION. Here are the ones that Lydia received from all of these packs!

Visit a local store near you to see if they have The Grossery Gang! You won't regret it. These are so much fun! Don't forget to watch the movie too! You can watch it below!

 You can visit their website to learn more about them, get downloads and more! They have so many activities to enjoy! Check out the entire line of Grossery Gang products via Moose Toys too!
You can check out more on the Grossery Gang by checking out the channel: Be sure to subscribe to new videos too! You can also visit their other social channels below to stay up to date with the latest! Don't forget to watch the Grossery Gang Putrid Power Movie (Clean Team vs. Grossery Gang) on 7/29 via YouTube! Tanks for reading!

Do your kids collect these characters? I would love to hear!

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