The Small Things received product to feature. All opinions are my own.
I don't know about you, but I love glitter. I love makeup and I love all things pretty... I also love unicorns. Models Own is one of my favorite cosmetic brands. They have a gorgeous collection that just released called the Celestial Collection! This collection is magical, amazing and down right gorgeous.
Glitter, glitter and more glitter. I LOVE IT! What is included in the collection? Encompassing two Chrome lip toppers, five dazzling lip glitter shades, two face glitter kits, and an Enchanted Eye Palette, there’s a special something for anyone looking to get bright, beautiful, and full of charm.

I received several products from the collection to feature here in The Small Things. I swatched them for you!
The two lip toppers are gorgeous! As you can see they sparkle! Rose Comet and Stardust are just gorgeous! These go over matte lipstick, but I am sure you can also wear on your own. 
 The Enchanted Eye Pallet is gorgeous! Check out the swatches on my arms below. SO PRETTY! And the pigment is AMAZING!
I am in LOVE with the colors that they chose to put in here. They are so beautiful!
The Face Glitter Kit comes with stencils and glue, an applicator and glitter. This was super easy to try on my arm for the swatch. SO CUTE TOO!
Lastly, the lip glitter. This is so pretty! the iridescent glitter is GORG! This collection is perfect for festival goers, or if you want to unleash your inner unicorn- go on with your bad self! I am in awe with all of it and I love it! Where can you get it? The Celestial collection will be available exclusively at Ulta and GO GET IT NOW!! IT IS A MUST! 

Visit Model's Own via their social links below. Thanks for reading!

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