Never underestimate the power of beautifully done eyebrows. It shapes, defines, and adds character to your face. With a little effort and the best tools inside your beauty bag, you can easily get brows that are perfectly on point. You do not need too much to get your eyebrows done, and it changes the way you look for the better in an instant. Below are 5 of the most essential tools that will keep your brows always on fleek.
1. A dependable brow pencil.
Several products can be used to fill in your brows, but for beginners, a pencil is the best tool as it is more forgiving when it comes to adding or taking away product. If you are dark haired, pick one that is two shades lighter than your hair color. If you are light haired, go slightly darker. Apply it on the brows by filling in gaps or bare spots. Use quick, small lines to get a natural look. Start off light and gradually darken. Remember that a brow pencil is not meant to draw lines on your brows!
If you have added too much, use the spool at the end of the pencil and rub the makeup out. Be gentle as you do not want to pull out hair. You can also use a disposable mascara wand for the same purpose. Check out the Skinny Brow Pencil from Innisfree for the best results.
2. A good brow brush.
Shaping the brows come next after filling them with a pencil. Start with an angled brow brush. Get one that is stiff and angled and use its slanted edge for shading and the tip to outline. Then, use a thick bristle brow brush or a spoolie to collect misplaced hair and remove patches of color. Always brush your brows upwards.
3. A nice brow gel.
Curly and unruly brows are best kept in place with a nice brow gel. It separates hair and keeps them flat. There are two available kinds: clear gels work for everyone, but there is a place for tinted options, too. For instance, if your brows are fine or going gray, a light tinted gel will add bulk to your brows, cover the gray hair, and create a natural look.   
A brow gel is applied after you finish filling your brows. However, you can skip it if you are using creams or pomades on your brows as these rub off during gel application.
4. A subtle highlighter.
For the perfect finishing flourish, a highlighter is a must. It gives you that open and bright look that never goes unnoticed. A subtle swipe of highlighter under the brow is all it takes to open your face and draw more light into it.
5. A sturdy pair of tweezers.
Not all tweezers are created equal. Test a few and select the one you are most comfortable with. What you are looking for is a good sturdy grip. Check the tip. There are different kinds that serve various purposes. Choose the ones with pointed tips if you are looking for precise plucking. Meanwhile, tweezers with flat tips are better for grabbing multiple hairs at once and are easier to use in general. A slanted tip is a mix of both.

However, if you want bolder brows or are looking to reshape them, put down the tweezers for at least a month to allow new growth. Wait as long as possible and be patient with your brows in case they appear a bit wild. It is only a matter of time before you tame them into fabulousness anyway!
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