*I am a Nintendo Kid Reviewer, I received product for this post*
My name is Lydia. My mom is the owner of this blog, but you will see posts from me on occasion now too! My mom surprised me when a package showed up. Inside was the new game Ever Oasis.
Ever Oasis is a really cool game. I loved it. The story is about a tribe called Seedlings. There are special seedlings that have powers! In the game, the desert was invaded by an entity known as chaos. He turns the souls of living creatures to make them monsters! You will play a male avatar (Tethu) or female (Tethi) It is your job to keep the Oasis safe! Esna is a water spirit and she has a bug that carries a water ball and that is how she speaks to you. You have to work with her to save the Oasis!
In the game you can build your Oasis. You will meet new travelers on your journeys too! You can get these people to move in and grow your Oasis. You have to persuade them by doing tasks for them. Once they become residents they can build their own shops called Bloom Booths. You can earn dewadems by completing tasks and you can use these to level up. You can also get supplies for Bloom Booth. These look so cute when they sprout!  

To level up your Oasis, you have to keep your residents happy and you can see how happy they are in the game. They have a smile meter. The goal is to keep them happy.  In the game, there is a rainbow and it helps your Oasis and grows bigger each time you level up. It protects the Oasis. As long as the residents are happy, the rainbow will be there. This is why you have to watch their smile meters. 
When you go to the desert, the Chaos monster attacks you. You have to battle. I don't like going out there at night because they are stronger at night. The desert has puzzles and treasure. You collect stuff each time you defeat one. These items can be used to restock, creat outfits and even new weapons. You can also solve puzzles to get in new areas. This is fun too. 
I love this game and I still play it. I am sure there is more that I did not tell you. I recommend it to anyone that has a Nintendo 3DS because it is really cool and fun. I have never played a game like this before! Did you know that the Nintendo EShop has a free demo of this game? I played it before my mom got me this game and it was so cool! Visit HERE to buy today or you can visit a game store near you too. I also loved that this game is not just for kids. Anyone can play it! It will make a good Christmas present too.

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