The Small Things received product to facilitate this review. All opinions are my own.

I love makeup, I love beauty products and I love to get dolled up. When I used makeup and style my hair, it gives me a chance to express myself. Recently I had the chance to work with Vanity Planet on a review of several products and I was pretty stoked to see what they had to offer! Who is Vanity Planet? They are an honest brand with a loud personality that set out to combat the idea that beauty is shallow! They want their customers to look good and feel their best! 

They offer PETA-certified, cruelty-free solutions for your skin, hair, health, and well-being, Vanity Planet provides everything you need to polish your inside and outside, because true beauty means tending to both. The best part? Nothing on Vanity Planet will break your bank: shop their best-selling face or body brushes that stimulate circulation and restore your natural glow, or grab an all-in-one makeup tool kit.

I received two products that I am excited to tell you about! The first is the CUE Clip Free Curling Wand!
 This curling wand is AMAZING! It is made of ceramic-coated aluminum and it heats up FAST! The cord has a 360* swivel to it! The tip is cool so that you can hold it when you curl. It also comes with a glove to curl your hair. You can make any curl with this curling wand! Wrap your hair tight for tighter bouncy curls, or light for beachy waves! I have never owned a product like this before and it is SO exciting!
Check out my before and after below. I decided to do tighter curls for a cute look!
Before, straight hair.
After- tight curls! I LOVE IT This is a 1" wand and the best of all, it is only $59.99! 

The next product that I received is the Vanity Planet Blend Party Oval Makeup Brush Kit. This kit is available in black or pink. I received pink. I am in awe with this kit because it has 10 different brushes and they all do different things! 
 The brushes are synthetic and the handles make it easy to hold them. These are so easy to blend with too! I used them in the photos above as well. They curve to your face to give a consistent application. 
Remember- these are cruelty-free too! The only downfall is they are not numbered, and I think it will make things easier for a beginner. I know what they are for, but a beginner would not. Thankfully, there is a user manual with photos to show you! 5 of them can be used for concealer, 7 of them can be used for eyeshadow + blending, 4 of them can be used for eyeliner. You can also used 4 of them for brow filling/shading, and 5 of them for lip color + finishing! ALL of them can be used for skincare products!

I am in love with this brush set because of the versatility of them and the fact when you hold them, they are easy to form to your face and blend your makeup! They are amazing for contouring! Blend Party is $129.99 on their website! 

Be sure to check out what else they have to offer! They have so many amazing products that will make great gifts for the upcoming Holiday Season too! Visit Vanity Planet on their social channels below to stay up to date with the latest! Thanks for reading!!

Do you own any Vanity Planet products? I would love to hear! 

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