Planning Your Wedding Ahead

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Choose a Destination!

Destination weddings are romantic and exotic and create meaningful memories. Many destination weddings take place in beautiful tropical paradise that the rest of the world only dreams of.

The Cayman Islands is a much-coveted location for a destination wedding. With more than 1200 resorts and hotels, you are sure to find a venue that offers everything of your dreams. The Cayman Islands are famous for its 7-mile white sand beach, Stingray City, diving, and breathtakingly beautiful natural resources.  There is plenty to do for the honeymooners and wedding guests.

Another beautiful and tropical experience for your destination wedding is Hawaii. Hawaiian tours show you all the unique and fascinating sights of this paradise. From beaches to volcanoes, luaus to romantic dinners. A Hawaiian all inclusive package is a great honeymoon choice.

Tips to have in mind

  1. Having in mind the average price of a wedding, we recommend you set-up a wedding registry that is going to benefit both of you in your new life together! Blueprint Registry is a great site that allow your guests, family, and friends to gift your wedding and engagement online!  All you have to do is think about the things that you both really need! Anything for your honeymoon? For your house?

  1. If you are having a destination wedding - choose your destination carefully! If you are able to, visit the location first. If not, trust a qualified wedding planner or travel agent to guide you to the best venues and vendors for your wedding.

  1. Think of your guests. Guests are traveling to attend your wedding, and it is not an inexpensive endeavor. Choose a hotel within 10 minutes of the venue you choose that is inexpensive and make reservations for the guests that want to stay there.

  1. If you are planning to do group activities, make sure you publish an itinerary for the guests. If they do not know you expect them to attend, they may make other plans. This also allows you to take advantage of group rates.

  1. Hire a professional. Never has a wedding planner been more needed than in a destination wedding. Check out local pros who know the area and know how to save you money. Check references and speak with people who have used their services. Make sure you are clear on what you are hiring them to do.

  1. Do not check the wedding dress on the airplane. A lost wedding gown will ruin everything. Take your dress on the plane with you. Make sure you have someone lined up at your destination who will press and prepare the dress for the wedding.

  1. Sometimes the hotel will accept packages for you. You can UPS or Fedex packages to the hotel allowing you the option of taking the dress onboard the plane.

  1. Take advantage of items that are natural to the destination. In a winery, it is inexpensive to decorate the tables with grapevines. Look to the area you choose for your wedding and chose flowers and decorations that are unique to the area. You will have a beautiful wedding, without the expense of shipping plants in.

By planning early and paying attention to details, you can pull off a destination wedding without issue. You can have everything you dreamed of without blowing your budget. You just have to prepare for it.


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