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I love feeling beautiful and confident. I don't always want to wear my contacts because they dry my eyes out. I wanted a new pair of glasses that I could feel confident in! EyeBuyDirect has so many options to choose from. EyeBuyDirect does everything in house. They oversee everything! They go straight from the factory to your hands!When I look for glasses, I find something that will compliment my face, and something that will make me feel great. I also look for affordability. Check out my before photo here below!
I chose the cutest pair of glasses! These are the "Charlotte" glasses in purple! As you can see they are just ADORABLE!
 These frames are so retro! They have a cat eye like shape, and they have spring hinges on them! One thing that I LOVE is the price. These frames are only $29! WHAT?! So affordable! SO CUTE! YOU NEED THESE! You know you do!
When you buy, you pick if you need for distance, reading, multifocal, and non-prescription. You then add your prescription!
It is SO EASY to do! Now is the time to choose the lens type you want! 
You can get clear for everyday use, sun that turns any glasses into sunglasses,  digital screen protection that helps your eyes while using electronics or lastly you can choose light adjusting. This darkens when exposed to outside light.
Now, I picked the digital ones because of my job blogging. You can choose from two different types of lenses for this. I chose the premium. It is more expensive but totally worth it. You can now check out! There are 14-Day risk-free returns when you order from them and they have a 12-month product guarantee! I am in LOVE with my new glasses. They are so cute and I get comments on them all of the time! Visit to find glasses for the whole family! They also have gift cards! This will make a perfect stocking stuffer! They do not disappoint! Be sure to visit their social channels below to stay up to date with the latest too!

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