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The number one excuse for anyone who wants to travel but never does is that there isn’t enough money. In this post, I’ll make the argument that less money means a more quality travel experience.
I am of the opinion that you could gain as much as 10 times the experience when you are spending about 10 times less. If you are broke and thinking that travel time is just a fantasy for now, you may want to reconsider your position.
If you would like to travel and always put it off, you need to ask yourself why. You have nothing to lose and everything to gain when you feel like you’re starting at the bottom. With minimal options available to you in your current life, you can get an unlimited number of options elsewhere.
Cut Your Losses, Get on a Plane
With little money in your bank account and a job you don’t like, you have virtually zero downside when it comes to leaving. What is the worst thing that could happen? You may end up coming back broke and looking for a different job you’ll hate?
X Benefits of Travel for the Young and Broke
On the other hand, when you travel while broke, what you are likely to wind up with are hard skills that make you more attractive to employers. You become an initiator, more open-minded and gain personal skills that are rare in today’s workplace. If you have never left your hometown or worked anywhere else in the world, here are a few reasons to get out there – even with a slim wallet.
You Learn How to Maximize Resources
Instagram, Meetup, Couchsurfing and other apps are your best friends at the palm of your hands – as long as you have access to Wi-Fi. You will virtually find everything from a free picnic via Meetup and get invited to a delicious home-cooked dinner via Couchsurfing. Overall, there are pretty amazing individuals out there that will not only take time to help you, but also want to ensure that you gain the best experiences in their city.
You Have to Take the Long Way
While trying to save on transportation money, taxis and metros are definitely out of the question. You will be forced to take walks, but along the way, you will discover some hidden gems, meet interesting people and stumble upon things like more info here, which you would never have seen had you taken the taxi ride.
You Become Creative
With money to blow, the convenience of nightclubs and bars can dictate your evening activities. However, taking a wine of bottle and a couple of friends up the hill to watch the unfiltered sunset is just as fun – if not more!
Intriguing Conversation Starters
Hanging back at your hostel or playing games with new friends from five different countries makes for a great conversation environment. Even sitting at a park with wine or a bread roll will make your conversations even more meaningful. You do not have to deal with obnoxious loud people in the background trying to out-drink each other.
True Happiness Does not Have a Price Tag
Think back to your happiest memory. Is there an exact dollar figure that you can attach to it? Was the happiness purchased or temporary?
Traveling on a budget teaches you that ultimate happiness comes from within you. It comes from being at peace and comfortable with your life despite the current circumstances – things could be worse, but they are not. In addition, the secret to gaining it all is by believing that you already have it.
The best moments in life are not defined by how much you earn. Traveling when broke allows you to be at peace with your life despite your financial circumstances. Even when dealing with debt, you can always find a way around it: more information here, and continue paying off your debt as you have some cool adventures.
You Learn to Achieve Your Dream
When the money is rolling in, and life is good, it’s easy to sit back and say that you deserve to relax. However, when you have to work hard to make ends meet, you test your cognitive strength and start dreaming and believing harder than ever before.

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