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4 Great Holiday Gift Ideas to Give Fellow Dog-Lovers

Dog-lovers are some of the easiest and most-fun people to shop for in the world. Dog-lovers who have pets will appreciate both dog-related gifts or presents that their pets will enjoy. If you have a dog lover in your life and you're not sure what to get them for the upcoming winter holidays, the following ideas might help.

Gift Certificate to Pet Store

If your friend or family member has a pet dog, one great holiday gift idea is to get them a gift certificate to a pet store. You can get them a gift certificate to a store that sells dogs toys and treats, which can serve as a special holiday gift. Alternatively, pet owners can use pet store gift certificates to buy important preventative medication and treatments like Bravecto for dogs, which can keep away fleas and ticks, or regular supplies whose cost can add up: like food and dog shampoo. Pet store gift certificates can also be handy if the stores provide grooming and bathing services. (Everyone wants their pooch to be clean and smell good for the holidays!)

Dog Subscription Box

Subscription boxes are gifts that keep on giving throughout the year -- even when the holidays are over. Choose a dog subscription box if you want your friend's pooch to be pampered all year long. Dog subscription boxes can contain treats, food, toys, and more. Boxes are also a great idea because they allow you to pay for the gift a little bit each month, rather than upfront, so they can be a great choice for a gift if you're looking for something that is budget-friendly.

Shake (the book)

Carli Davidson is a photographer that has made a name for herself by taking pictures of pets (and people). Shake is a great book of her photography, which features funny photos of dogs -- in motion -- shaking. Get this for a dog-lover to keep on the coffee table or to keep them entertained for hours. This book is a must-have for anyone passionate about animals to have on their shelf. Davidson has also done a version of shake with puppies and cats (these are also great gifts for animal lovers).

Dog Portrait Session

Look for a local photographer in your area that takes photos of dogs and pets. Reach out and see if you can purchase a gift card -- or pre-purchase a photo session - for your friend's dog. Your friend may want a photo of her pet taken to hang on her wall or put on her desk. Or, she may want to get a photo of her family with the dog to serve as a family portrait. Anyone who loves their pet like a family member will enjoy the opportunity to document their beloved friends.
If you have someone in your life who loves dogs, shopping for holiday gifts can be a lot of fun. Get something for your friend to enjoy -- or to make their beloved pet's life better (more delicious, enjoyable, fun, etc). They'll appreciate you for helping to take care of their animal and for celebrating their love of their furry friend.

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