Some settings are a lot more forgiving when it comes to wearing makeup. Women who work at desks all day don’t have to worry about sweating very much, and they also have ample opportunity to reapply their foundation, mascara, and eyeliner from time to time. While studying at Rutgers Online you will have time to practice your makeup application skills as well as test out different brands for quality and longevity. If you are a makeup lover and you can’t imagine working as a nurse without wearing your signature makeup look, here’s how you can keep you face looking pristine.

Foundation and Oil Control

Whether you only put on eyeshadow and a nice tinting cream or do yourself up before work, you have to know what kinds of foundations are going to last all day. The main issue that most women have when wearing foundation is that it can become oily and cakey after several hours. If you are working in a setting with fluorescent lighting and you are performing activities that will make you sweat, your foundation can become a mess in a couple hours. Try eliminating concealer and using a powdered foundation instead of liquid so that you can reduce oiliness.

Smudge and Sweat Resistant Makeup

As you go to pick up a fallen instrument or need to reach for a patient chart that has been stored on a shelf above your head, you might accidentally smudge your otherwise perfect makeup. You won’t always be able to run to the bathroom and fix your makeup right away, so it is vital that you get the look you want and use makeup that will help you to keep it all day. There are products that you can use to set your makeup after it has been applied and there is also smudge resistance lipstick, eyeliner and even eyeshadow that won’t budge as you work as a nurse.

Fast Makeup Routines

If you have to pack a lunch, put on scrubs and commute for your hospital shift, you likely don’t want to get up an hour early to fix your makeup. On the other hand, going to work without having a full face on may make you feel naked and less like yourself. Find a simplified makeup routine that lets you use all of the essentials and also aids you in putting yourself together in less time. Instead of contouring your face you can apply a bronzer around your cheeks and forehead to add definition. Lip stains are just as vibrant as lipstick, and they also need to be applied less frequently. With your online nursing degree, you can work at a hospital in all sorts of capacities, so don’t just go for jobs that require you to be extremely physically active.

Some nurses have fun, colorful scrubs they like to wear because it makes them feel good inside. There are also professional nurses who always have a novelty pen that lights up, chimes, or even plays music. Don’t apologize if your ‘thing’ is wearing a face full of makeup. Just make certain that it always looks great.
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