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It is possible that you can tone things down while traveling by packing everything you need into a single carry-on. However, the thought of completely abandoning your makeup and beauty routine while traveling is the last thing you need to deal with. Even the longest-term backpacker has to look her best at all times!

Therefore, instead of completely abandoning your skincare, haircare and makeup routine for travel, you just need to downsize things – significantly. Whether you will be on the road for just the long weekend, a week or even six months, here’s the ultimate guide to backpacking your makeup and beauty accessories to ensure that you look cute while traveling like the badass you are!

General Travel Makeup Tips

Packing travel makeup is one of the hardest things to get right when you are backpacking across the country. All your products have to be multi-functional; they should not fall apart, melt or break as you travel; they should be packed in small packages that you can carry; and will not slide off your face when you are in the middle of an amazing adventure. While this is a lot to ask, you can find a few makeup products that were specifically designed for backpacking and traveling enthusiasts; for example, at

The first general rule you should bear in mind is never to bring any powdery makeup during your travels. It is likely to break all over your bag. On the other hand, your cream blush will do just fine. Whenever possible, always bring non-powdery products, for example, a cream eyeshadow palette.

If you have to carry powdery makeup, it is best to package them in a single palette. The best strategy is to purchase empty magnetic palettes online and easily pack your eyeshadows, bronzers and blushes into a single handy travel palette. However, take care since too much movement can send your re-packaged powders flying all over and leaving a huge mess that requires clean up.

In addition, do not carry anything that can be ruined by altitude or temperature changes. If there’s anything that may explode during your flight, leave it. If rapid heating and cooling down may affect a product or packaging, also leave it at home; even better, repackage the product into a more resilient container.

Don’t be afraid to put your favorite beauty products in new packaging. Use small, lightweight travel containers for packing your beauty products. This includes repotting your eyeshadow, putting your face cream in a small tub or squeezing your conditioner or moisturizer into a new tube.

Always remember, multi-tasking is your best friend. Sometimes travel makeup has to do more than it usually does. For example, your BB cream or tinted moisturizer can act as a foundation, sunscreen or moisturizer!

You need to be creative in how you apply multi-tasking to your travel beauty essentials. Sometimes, creativity with your beauty products and makeup means using them for purposes other than their original. For instance, use an eyebrow pencil for eyeliner, bronzer as eyeshadow, lipstick for blush, and face finishing powder for oil-absorbing dry shampoo.

Hair Care for Travel Tips

Carry the conditioner and shampoo you use. Do not depend on using the free bottles that are found at hotels or finding good hair products in stores where you’re traveling to – in most cases; you won’t. Once you find a combo shampoo and conditioner product that works for you, carry as much of it as possible. Substitute the shampoo bar for the big bottle of shampoo.

Water may have an effect on your hair while traveling. For example, hard water contains elements of minerals and chemicals. While this is not a bad thing entirely, it may have a negative effect called buildup on your hair. The buildup is the same thing that causes staining on your tiled bathroom floor or tub.

Skincare Travel Tips


When dealing with skincare, the main objectives are to keep it nourished and protected. Nourishing the skin means keeping it watered and fed with rich nutrients to keep it vibrant and healthy while protecting your skin means keeping it away from things likely to damage it. Employing a good skincare strategy during travel offers you both.

One of the most important things you should include in your travel beauty pack is a moisturizer. Keeping your skin moisturized means that it will be more supple, healthy and will respond better and faster to damage, plus offering help in resisting the effects of aging. However, not all moisturizer products are the same.

Look for moisturizer products that contain natural ingredients that can be easily absorbed. If possible, go for moisturizers that contain easily absorbed natural oils like shea butter, almond oil, jojoba oil, aloe vera or olive oil. Also, replace any moisturizer that contains dimethicone or mineral oil as one of its first ingredients since they do your skin no good.

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