One of the most neglected parts of our body is our feet. We usually take time to wash and moisturize our face or other parts of our body because they are more visible but even so, we should give equal attention to our feet as well. During the cold months, the weather can be harsh to our skin, especially to the feet which usually gets dry and rough. Covering them up with boots and closed shoes doesn’t mean they are protected from the cruel weather conditions, which could often lead to cracked skin or sometimes fungal infections. There are ways you can make them comfortable such as simply massaging your feet. Here are some helpful tips to taking care of your feet during the cold, winter season.

1.  Use the proper socks.
Choose socks that are breathable to keep your feet warm and dry during the freezing season. Socks made of wool are also good choices because they help control the feet from sweating. Sweating feet is susceptible to freeze. Also, avoid squeezing tight and chunky socks into your shoes which can restrict blood flow to your feet and toes.

2.  Find the right kind of shoes.
Your winter shoes should be something that can protect your feet and keep them warm and dry as well. Find footwear that has sufficient padding but still comfortable enough for blood to properly circulate in your feet and toes. Look for shoes which have enough arch support for better walking on the cold, freezing weather.

3.  Remove wet socks and shoes as soon as possible.
During cold weather months, sock and shoe dampness cannot be avoided when walking or frolicking in the snow. Wet socks and shoes should be removed right away because keeping them on longer may cause fungal or bacterial infections. Thus, it is important to thoroughly dry off your shoes and socks before wearing them again.

4.  Massage feet with oils.
The cold weather during the winter months can also cause dry feet which can eventually crack if not treated early. Massaging your feet with oils brings back moisture to the drying feet making it soft and supple again. It also helps to remove layers of superficial dead skin or calluses on your ankles and toes. The oils used to massage the feet are usually made with natural ingredients such as lavender, peppermint, eucalyptus or other natural oils which are good to use even for those with sensitive skin. These oils also give-off a relaxing aroma which helps soothe achy and tired feet. Essential oils such as eucalyptus oil have antibacterial effects which are great for this damp, cold weather.

5.  Exercise.
The cold and freezing weather is no excuse to skip on exercise even though it is more tempting to just sit around in the cozy comforts of your home. Make sure to do some leg exercises if you choose to stay at home to avoid foot and ankle swelling from too much sitting all day. If you prefer to have a cold walk or jog, do some stretching exercises to keep your body and feet flexible and keep a good blood flow.

Maintaining healthy and smooth feet is still possible even in the harshest freezing weather. There are many ways and means around to care for your feet and keep them always on-the-go.
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