Recently my other half and I went to Tybee Island Georgia. While we were there, we saw some pretty exciting things. One of the main things that I noticed were the dolphins. We ventured and found Captain Mike's Dolphin Tours and were stoked to take a trip down to Lazaretto Creek Marina to get this started! Now, Captain Mike's Dolphin Tours books each trip at their office and/or online. You can pick a day and time that you want to tour. It does depend on the weather as well. (Captains discretion).

You will be greeted by furry friends as soon as you arrive. these kitties have been taken care of since 1993 by Capt. Mike's family.  They are all spayed and neutered too!
The pier was gorgeous. 

 Children were given life vests and we were given the run down on how things work and were on our way.

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 I was in awe with the view that we had. The area is gorgeous.
 The Dolphins are pretty fast so catching them on camera can be a tad difficult.

 This is the smallest lighthouse in Georgia.

 Now you can see a little guy in the water here! They were everywhere but like I said, they are fast!
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 Seeing these beautiful creatures is just amazing! I was in awe.

 This guy was doing tail smacks in the water.

 Another little guy following us!
 Dolphins love following shrimp boats as you can see!

More about the tour: 
The tour departs daily from Lazaretto Creek Marina, heading toward the Atlantic ocean, passing by shrimp boats and boat docks that portray the charm of an old fishing village. The boat passes by the Cockspur lighthouse (built in 1856), offering a view of historic Fort Pulaski. Approaching the North Beach of Tybee, the tour provides a scenic view of the Tybee Lighthouse.
The tour is pretty lengthy and I liked it! It lasts about an hour and half or so. Rates are inexpensive too! Tour rates are $15.00 for adults, $8.00 for children (3 to 12), and $1 for infants (2 and under). 

Can you touch or feed dolphins? NO! YOU CANNOT. IT IS AGAINST FEDERAL LAW. They offer sunset tours and more! Check out their website for more information here. What are you waiting for? RESERVE and get on one of these boats now! You won't regret it! Visit Captain Mike's Dolphin Adventures on their social media below to stay up to date with the latest!

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