Halloween is a fun date for kids and adults alike. While the celebration itself has pagan origins, it creates an atmosphere which everyone can enjoy, as long as you’re fine with being scared a little. Children treasure the date as the day they get as much candy as they want from friends and neighbors, and adults have an excuse to decorate their places with a spooky theme.  In preparation for this article, we went to the premier design center in Atlanta, Ga to see some of these designs in action.  We learned that while carved pumpkins, bugs and other rodents are always a safe option to decorate, you can add a little more sophistication to your house with these four halloween design options.
  • A Scary Fireplace

Do you have a fireplace? Your in luck.  Halloween is the one date where you can improvise with everyday items to make it look horrifying. Use a few pieces of dark fabric, flowers, and spider webs created with ragged cotton to create a Goth-looking fireplace. A dark mantel and some vintage candles can add the scary touch you need. If you want your fireplace to really stand out, take dying flowers and set them up in a vase to complete the whole spooky aura.
  • Spooky Chandelier Shines

Do happen to have a chandelier in your home? That’s a perfect opportunity to make one of the scariest decorations for this Halloween season. You just need a pair of striped stockings with dark colors, a pair of old shoes and an old umbrella. Set them up to look like a skirt-wearing witch and hang it from your lamp to create the illusion of a flying occultist hovering above your guests. If you set it correctly, this decoration has minimal weight. You can try another option by using a ragged, dirty blanket to make a Ringu-like ghost floating around your house too!
  • Pumpkins

The decorated pumpkin is the quintessential Halloween decoration.  It’s such a tradition that it has become a staple closely related to the celebration around the world. You can choose to carve one up to create a Jack-o-Lantern with the classic scary face, but most people these days like to take originality one step forward and try something new.  You can make the funny or evil face of your wildest desires! You can also create the shape of your favorite character from a fictional story. The creativity is endless here!
  • Bats and Spiders

These pests are representative of terror in Halloween.  Although environmentalist re-affirm us that they are actually essential to our planet, these critters just look terrifying which makes them perfect for the halloween spirit. You can place them everywhere in your place on Halloween, and they will help to set the mood of your home. If you plan to make a theme out of them, you can experiment different materials to get the cobwebs of spiders right and even create a resting vampire out of blankets to hang in your ceiling.  The options are endless!
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