Let's face it, you're a business owner and with that said comes organization. I don't know about you, but as a customer, it makes me happy when I go into a business to work with them, even on the blogger side of things and they have their stuff together. As a business owner, you should do everything in your power to be sure that organization is the key with things! I discovered a whole new software that takes your business to another level. This customer success platform is what you need to get started today! Let me tell you why! 

There are many features and benefits this software has to offer as a business owner, the first one is customer success. You can get all of the data you need with this software to know what your customer loves and to keep them coming back. You can also offer surveys and announcements for users via this software. Get the product usage analytics you need with the innovative segmented analytics. You’ll be able to understand which features are and aren’t being used by each account, segment, and user. You can monitor product usage so you can spot which features should be updated and promoted to improve the experience of your users. You can check out the customer health score to check out analytics as well as data when it comes to the health of users. 

Product management is another reason this software is great. This software gives you the chance to have your customers get the most from your product starting from the time they log on. You can provide at-risk customers with helpful content they need to keep them coming back. You can also increase subscription revenue by cross-selling and even upselling helpful features. You can identify each customer's unique usage data! Lastly, you can identify the promoters of your brand and drive new and qualified prospects. 

This software is great for Sales & Marketing too! This software gives sales and marketing teams the opportunity to engage with trial users and convert them to advocates through better onboarding. They offer personalized guides tours to make onboarding quick and seamless! The launcher makes it easy for users to quickly reference and review guided product tours on-demand for any feature, anytime. The product usage analytics take the guesswork out of engagement and help you identify areas of the onboarding process that need to be strengthened. There are in app campaigns that allow you to connect with users as they interact with your product.

Why should you use this customer success platform? Understanding your sales team and customers needs like their preferred price ranges with the help of this van granger pricing metric for example, and what they do and don't want will lead to success. You don't just want that sale, you want the relationship to keep them coming back right? This program gives you that success. The possibilities are endless! Correlate behavior and integration data with this program. I love the fact that it has guided tours and integrate support & financial metrics. This program is a must and it is easy to visit the link above to see more as to why! Thanks for reading!

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