Anyone who still does their shopping at brick-and-mortar stores knows how digitization is changing the way they shop. Groceries can be tallied up at home and either made ready for pick-up or delivered. Those red plastic Smart Source coupon dispensers have been swapped out for QR codes that can be scanned with any smart phone app.
    Consumers have a variety of online options that can help them save money on everyday expenses. The biggest challenge is finding out which deals a good, and which ones are too good to be true.. Here are some safe ways to get discounts online.

Jenny’s Number

    Chances are you might’ve heard a certain song that goes: “eight six seven five three Oh Ni-i-ine!” Tommy Tutone’s “Jenny” caused such a stir that it prompted people to change their phone numbers. Despite this controversy, 867-5309 is still valid enough to use.
     Use Jenny’s number to replace your own phone number on rewards club sign-up forms. This can help take the anxiety out of exchanging personal information for exclusive store deals. Add your local area to authenticate it, and you’ll be able to enjoy worry free discounts.  

Fill Your Cart, And Leave It

    When shopping online, it’s common to let items accumulate in your cart. You might remove a few when the price is too high or proceed when it’s low. Either way, you feel compelled to go on with the purchase. Why not leave them where they are?
    Leaving an item in your cart for a day or two may prompt the seller to e-mail you a discount coupon. This is the seller’s way of enticing you to move forward on your purchase. Try this on sites like Best Buy and Zappos. Home Depot has been known to give out reward coupons for home appliances.

Buy Used Gift Cards

    Gift cards are perfect for holidays and birthdays but can be essential for everyday purchases. Because of this, it may be daunting to plunk down $50 towards a Sheetz gift card that you’ll only use twice a year. What if you could pay less for the markup value on gift cards?
    Gift Card Granny and Cardpool are two sites that offer a variety of cards from nationally accepted brands. Savings can go up to 25% and over. Cardpool can even help you sell your own unwanted gift cards for 92% of the full balance.

Guaranteed Coupon Codes

    Sometimes finding the right coupon is a matter of entering in the right code. Online coupon codes can vary in their legitimacy. Maybe that free shipping code you found expired six months ago. A “Buy One, Get One Free” deal was really trying to rope you into opening a premium account. keeps a database of only the latest codes from 800 retailers. Every code comes with a guarantee so you won’t have to worry about getting any surprises at checkout. If they don’t have a coupon you’re looking for, the site operator will find it within 24-hours or less.
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