If you believe that jewelry is a woman’s prerogative, then think again. The suave, fashionable modern man has jewelry right there on his radar of accessories and is confident about flaunting them as well. And why not?!
With the men’s jewelry market growing at a rapid rate, there seems to be no dearth of trendy pieces and designs that can define a male’s look as sophisticated, fashionable, subtle, casual, or cool.
No wonder, men are no longer shying away from accessorizing themselves. So, what are the most popular jewelry accessories that are creating a storm in the world of men’s fashion? Check out these 6 jewelry items for the modern man that can take your look to the next level.
  1. Rings
Gone are the days when men were contended to flaunt just their wedding rings. With statement rings making their presence felt in a big way on the accessories front, the modern man is opening up to the idea of experimentation with this jewelry. Just like women’s rings, men’s rings are also available in a wide variety of styles and designs these days.
On one hand you have the subtle and understated bands and on the other hand, you have the eye-catching designer pieces that are a fashion statement in themselves. In between these two extremes lies a world of designs that can be anything, from contemporary precious stone studded beauties to irregular shaped oxidized rings.
Thanks to the wide range of choices, selecting a ring can be a bit confusing for a man. The best idea is to consider your personal style when wearing a ring and go for pieces that can be an extension of your fashionable persona.
  1. Chains
Unlike women, men often love to flaunt jewelry items that are a silent statement of class or fashion. Chains fit this description to a T. But that doesn’t mean the choices are any less varied as far as this fashion accessory is concerned. More often than not, men prefer chains that are minimally designed and are not so flashy as to overshadow the other aspects of their getup.
However, if one wants, one can definitely find chains that are quite the show-stealer. Apart from the plethora of designs, chains provide the option of different metals, thickness, and lengths. You can also go for pieces that have pendants attached to them.
Finding the right chain to style up your look need not be a tiresome job. As this mens jewelry website explains, you can find chains that are available for every kind of occasion. You can also go for chains that are versatile enough to be paired off with most outfits.
  1. Bracelets
No one knows for sure when the trend of wearing bracelets started. But this ancient accessory hasn’t lost its appeal on the modern man. Interestingly, this simple accessory can make a significant difference to your overall getup. That is why men these days are taking a lot of interest in this piece of jewelry.
The fact that it is available in a number of styles adds to its popularity. It goes without saying that bracelets can be found in various metals as well. And of course, you can wear a bracelet with a watch. Just make sure that it matches the color of your watch.
Make it a point to metal-coordinate your bracelets with the other accessories you are wearing. Pulling off a mix and match of jewelry made of different metals may prove to be a bit complicated. But if you are confident of doing so, then go ahead. After all, it’s your wrist and your choice!
  1. Earrings
Studs, hoops, clip-on, magnetic earrings, you name them and you can find them. No, we aren’t on the track of women’s earrings. All these and more form the various earring options that are available for men to flaunt. While studs are among the most popular earrings for men, the other types are also quite popular.
The best part is that you won’t even have to get a piercing done to flaunt this accessory. The clip-on option can come to your rescue on any day.  Selecting this accessory to style up your look can be quite a lot of fun in itself as you get to make your choice from not just the various types but the wide range of metals and designs as well.
One thing to keep in mind is that if you are keen on pairing earrings with office-wear make sure to keep them simple and minimal.
  1. Watches
This timeless accessory is a favorite with most men and quite understandably so. Watches are not just practical they also add an elemental touch of fashion in a man’s getup. Even men who are averse to the idea of flaunting any kind of fashionable jewelry items surrender to the charm of this accessory. Such is its popularity that sporting a watch is almost a given when it comes to men’s getup.
When it comes to making a style statement, a watch can go a long way. With jeweled watches gaining wide acceptance among the modern men, the range of choices is getting wider by the day.
While styling up your look with a watch, make sure that the accessory matches your outfit. For instance, if you are dressed in a suit, try to sport a classy watch and not go for a casual one. Also, opt for a watch that matches your wrist size.
  1. Cufflinks
Small, formal, and eye-catching, cufflinks say a lot about your personal style. Though the use of cufflinks is reserved for shirts and blazers, there’s no need to believe that you won’t be able to play around this accessory.
Once you have a classic pair sorted for your dressing up, you can look around and make your choice from a variety of styles, shapes, colors, and sizes available. You won’t be short of options when it comes to cufflink designs.

Whether it’s a date night or a dinner party, a pair of cufflinks can be an ideal accessory to add a touch of sophistication and class to your dressed-up persona.
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