A Crazy, Mixed-Up World
Ideally insurance wouldn’t be necessary because personal responsibility would define social interaction throughout society. In reality, insurance is necessary as we can’t trust our fellow man. We can’t even trust in the insurance companies we pay to protect us—you know an insurance company will backpedal on paying out a claim if they think they can get away with it.

When you’re taking out any life insurance policy, it makes sense to get guaranteed issue life insurance for a number of reasons. If you’re unfamiliar, guaranteed life insurance is when an immediate payout transpires the moment someone’s life is lost. Legal issues pertaining to insurance payouts can in large part be avoided through such solutions. Following are five additional reasons to consider this kind of insurance.
1. Immediate Cash Benefits
If you’ve got guaranteed issue life insurance, the moment someone under the policy dies, cash is dispensed as swiftly as the system will allow. This is going to be necessary, especially for the loss of the head of a household. The money won’t replace your lost loved ones, but it will help you keep your head in the maelstrom which follows.

2. Unanimous Availability
Anyone who takes out a life insurance policy can check this option. It doesn’t matter who you are or where you’re coming from, you’ve got the ability to protect your family through this option. It makes sense to take full advantage of it.

3. Life Is Unpredictable
You could die from stepping off a curb the wrong way, tripping, and breaking your neck. Or a semi could take a turn too tight and fall on you in traffic. Check out this driving guide for more information on the dangers of driving, the value of defensive driving, and how to most efficiently navigate the roadways of today.

Anyone who has braved rush hour can see just how unpredictable life is, and from just how thin a strand it is suspended at times. Accordingly, having a guaranteed issue life insurance policy makes a lot of sense.

4. Insurance Companies Aren’t Always Reliable
Not all insurance companies are created equal, but they do all have this in common: if there is any way to sidestep paying out a policy, they will do so. Even the most reliable companies are in this boat owing to insurance fraud and associated expenses. With guaranteed issue life insurance, you cut out their “wiggle room” to some degree.

5. Day-To-Day Security
Eating right and exercising regularly are key to maintaining your health; but they’re not the only things you need. It turns out that stress erodes telomerase on your DNA. Telomerase is like the tape at the end of your DNA’s “shoestring”. When that tape becomes maligned and falls off the “string”, the “string” unravels.

Stress contributes to the erosion of telomerase, which in turn unravels your DNA—we see this as aging. Part of aging is worry. Worry comes from many features of life, chief among them that which you can’t control.

With guaranteed issue life insurance, should you die unexpectedly, you know that those you love will be taken care of monetarily, and so you can have a more full life in your day-to-day, as you’ve eliminated at least one more worry.
Protecting Yourself And Your Family

Guaranteed issue life insurance will give you and your family peace of mind. Granted, you don’t want to die incidentally; nobody does. But you have no more control over when you leave this mortal realm than you did over when you entered it. There are a lot of good reasons to get guaranteed issue life insurance. If you haven’t looked into it, perhaps you should.

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