The little girl should get the ideal gift for the duties she has performed and for looking so adorable throughout the wedding ceremony. You can make her happy by giving a gift that is personalized and according to her likings and interests. 
There are many options to gift her – a cute doll, flower girl dresses, headbands, tumbler, bags, or a sticker book.  Below we have mentioned 8 cute personalized flower gift ideas your flower girl will adore:
1. A Cute Tumbler:
You can gift her beautiful tumbler with a personalized flower girl message on it. It will remind her of you every time she will sip on some coffee in the container. You can play around with colors like pretty pinks or blues that look absolutely adorable on a tumbler.
2. Jewelry Box:
It can be the ideal gift for any girl who loves to wear jewelry and accessories. Any pink colored box with her initials on it will be enough to make her happy. Fill up the box with her favorite accessories like headbands, mouse ears, bracelets or any cute little thing she likes.
3. A Gorgeous Dress:
Gift her flower girl dresses with her initials or her photograph printed on it to make her feel like a princess. You can choose any of the ivory flower girl dresses as you can print any colorful picture or message over it.
4. A Sweet Unicorn or a Kitty:
This can be the perfect addition to her toys collection. Unicorns are an absolute favorite of many of the kids nowadays and they can instantly bring a smile on her face. Kitties are also adorable and loved by many girls. You can personalize this toy by simply adding a flower girl message or her name.
5. Flower Girl Doll:
A stuffed doll who is wearing the exact same dress as of the flower girl will wow her the most. She will feel like it’s her younger version. You can buy any of the ordinary dolls from the market and prepare flower girl dresses to convert it into a beautiful package. 
6. A Sequin Bag:
A sequin backpack to make her excited to go to the school can be the ideal gift for her. You can put her initials and ask her favorite colors so that you can order a personalized sequin bag that changes colors she like the most.
7. A Personalized Scrapbook:
This can be one of the creative gifts that she will adore the most. Prepare a scrapbook with a flower girl message and her pictures in it so that she feels a part of your wedding whenever she opens it. You can add your wedding date also in the book.
8. Colorful Tights:
Gifting her bold colored tights can add more charm to her beauty by keeping her warm at the same time. If you are going to have a winter wedding, then this can be a perfect gift option. Any colorful pair of tights will go well with ivory flower girl dresses. Whenever she will wear those tights on her cute legs, she will again look like a pretty little flower girl. Personalize the tights by adding flower detailing to it or her initials. 
Hope these cute personalized flower girl gift ideas will help you.
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