First of all, congrats on your marriage! You’ve been looking for this person everywhere, you went out every weekend, you might have visited dating websites like, and you’ve finally found your perfect match. So now the question is, how do you pick a good honeymoon place to celebrate this? 

To ease you off that burden, we decided to gather some unique honeymoon destinations so that you could pick what suits you best. Before we start, we would like to note that we won’t be covering hotels. Instead, we will be talking about cities in general. Let’s get started! But first, grab a flamingo raft to take with you so you can relax!

1. Positano, Italy 
So number one is Positano, Italy. Aside from having one of the best cuisines, Positano offers amazing views, sea, and naturally, good wine. But that’s not all as this small village has a wide range of amazing hotels, restaurants, and nightclubs. Yes, during daytime you can visit Franco’s bar, which frankly, has the best view, and if that isn’t enough, you can always book a room in Le Sirenuse hotel. Lastly, in evenings, you can join the Music On the Rocks club. It is perhaps the best place when coming up with unique honeymoon ideas as there are so many cool things to choose from. 

2. Rovaniemi, Finland 
At number two we have Rovaniemi, Finland. A place that is best described as a paradise for young couples. Aside from having all the bells and whistles of a modern city, it manages to capture the magical Christmas feel all year round. Indeed, you can come up with all sorts of creative honeymoon ideas, but very few will be able to beat Rovaniemi. Aside from being the homeland of Santa, you have top-of-the-line hotels, amazing food, and oddly enough, decent prices. If you decide to have your honeymoon in December, this is the place to go as it gets even more thematic with lots of ice sculpture, Santa, and winter sports resorts. 

3. Seville, Spain
 If you love hot weather, great music, and tasty sangria, Seville is the place to go. Yes, you can’t go wrong with Spain. Good weather conditions, flamenco dances everywhere, gorgeous hotels, and hot Spanish pace of life will leave you wanting more. But that’s not all, you get amazing architecture, romantic sunsets, and some of the best shopping districts. Visiting Seville will guarantee that will make some of the best honeymoon pictures, enjoy great food, and won’t spend a fortune doing so. Also, as a bonus, if you’ve been searching for a unique honeymoon idea, we advise you visit Calle Betis in Triana. Trust us, you won’t regret it. 

4. Hvar, Croatia 
While not as popular as Dubrovnik, Hvar is the second best place to visit even if you aren’t on a honeymoon. If you decided to visit Hvar, we can’t stress enough how good of a decision it is. Once there, we highly recommend that you visit the little Green Bay. As the name implies, it’s a small bay that is super private, cozy, and romantic. 

5. Lake Como, Italy 
Returning back to Italy, we have Lake Como. It is the happy medium of everything and holds an appropriate place in our unique places to honeymoon list. You see, Lake Como is situated near Milan and thanks to that, it delivers a potent mix of old and new. You get to see the old city, visit modern restaurants, and drive some of the best cars in the world. If that wasn’t enough to convince you, book a room in the Grand Hotel Villa Serbelloni in Bellagio, you will be thrilled with the service. 

6. Sintra, Portugal 
There’s a good reason why this city is the most sought-after real estate market. It is the most expensive and most luxurious city in Portugal. You have literary everything there. An amazing beach, top-of-the-line hotels and restaurants, and a plethora of unique villas. The only drawback of the place is that it’s super difficult to book a room there. Yes, it’s that popular! 

7. Cotswolds, England 
The Cotswolds is known as one of the most romantic places for a dreamy holiday but what makes it so special? Well, first of all, this area is a combination of picturesque natural landscapes and charming towns with luxurious hotels. In Cotswolds, you can start your days in exquisite cottages with gorgeous romantic bed and breakfasts and then travel to the most photogenic and memorable locations. 

8. Edinburgh, Scotland 
Edinburgh is another amazing place for an unforgettable vacation. Together with your spouse, you’ll be able to spend time in elegant hotels, enjoy delicious cuisine, wander around the designer shops and a variety of sights to blossom romance. Besides, Edinburgh is not far from other famous places. If you go beyond the city, you’ll see some marvelous places and hear captivating legends about lochs of Scotland

So that’s it for this list. We know that we omitted a couple of cool places but that’s just how it is with these lists. We hope that these unique honeymoon destinations will prove to be helpful to you, but for now, see you in our next post.
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