A flower girl makes your wedding day even more beautiful. She brings joy and steal the hearts of your guests with her cute dress and moves. She does a lot by sprinkling rose petals as you walk down the aisle. The least you can do for her show her how much you love and appreciate her efforts on your wedding day. Here are a few things you can do to show you totally appreciate your flower girl’s effort:

1. Bond with Her
Create time before the wedding to spend some time with flower girl. She needs to know you a caring person. Know each other, you can set up a little play dates with them. Creating a bond will help her get comfortable around you on the wedding day and she will listen and follow instructions well.

2. Seek Her Opinion
Ask her what she thinks about simple things in your wedding. You can seek her opinion on the wedding dress she likes. When you are going to buy the flower girl dresses, you can go together so that she can help you pick a dress for herself. This is important since she will be a big part of your wedding. Shopping for a dress can be really fun if you go together. Little girls love weddings, therefore get her a dress that she will feel special in.She will truly be happy to know her opinion counts.

3. Keep Her Comfortable
If she is not around to fit the dress before the wedding, put in a little effort to ensure that you pick a well-fitting and beautiful dress and shoes. Ensure the dress is not too big, too short or too tight for her. She will not be comfortable, neither will she be happy. Remember to get the right shoe size for her. Not too tight or wide. It is advisable you get her flat and perfect fitting shoe. There is nothing uncomfortable than a too tight shoe. The dress and the shoes should match to complement the theme of your wedding. For instance, the girls can match white shoes with the white flower girl dresses, or any other color in line with your theme.

4. Feed before the Wedding
Ensure that your flower girl is well fed before the wedding. This should be done before she puts on her wedding dress. Give her few snacks and drinks to keep her going until the initial part of the wedding is over. Since, she is a small girl, you will risk her spilling food or drinks before the wedding begins. Keep her entertained while the rest gets ready.

5. Take Photographs Together
Your flower girl is doing such a great job for your wedding, she is enjoying herself so much. Chances are that she is admiring you. Taking photos together will make her feel special. The both of you will treasure those moments from your big day.
Your flower girl did a great job at your wedding. Treating herwell and showing her how much you appreciate her will make her super happy. Send her a thank you note after the wedding with a sweet message. You can offer to take her out to her favorite Pizza place to further show your love and appreciation for her.
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