This test was originally intended to screen peoples for heavy usages of drugs like Cocaine and Meth. During this test, a small amount of curl is cut using scissors. The sample is then used for drug test during the 90 days preceding the test. While a urine drug test can detect the use of drugs in the last few days, this test will detect drug use for the last 90 days. Your workplace may request you to take this test so that they can be assured that you were not abusing drugs before you sought for employment. Also, scientific research has shown that the follicle drug test can be so useful when investigating if a person suspected to be a drug peddler has at one time abused the drug. The results will be later used for litigation proceedings.

In most cases, the drug test take place within the hospital premises. At times, your workplace may perform the test then submit the samples to a laboratory. If it is the employee who has instructed you to take this test, then they will require you to be supervised in the course of the testing process. After confirming the information required, the person required to collect the sample will cut about 120 samples. The samples will be cut from different parts of your head. It is done in this manner to make sure the results are not biased. The collector will place the sample in foil and then seal it with an envelope ready for testing.

It might be the toughest nightmare in your life when an employer asks you to attend this test. So in the end, you would like to pass the test if you are very sure you are a marijuana smoker or else you have taken any other sort of drug on a regular base. The test provides the greatest challenge to anyone who have planned to cheat. The reasons why you can never cheat on this test are:  

  • You cannot change by placing anything in your sample. Unlike the urine test where you can cheat with synthetic urine, in this test you cannot do anything with your sample. The sample is taken directly from your head.
  • You cannot eat or drink anything that will affect your sample. In a urine test, you can take aspirin and other substances to cheat on the test, but in this test it is impossible.
  • The person given the responsibility to take the sample will always accompany you. Therefore you don’t have that chance to change the sample.
  • You can never use another person’s sample. The collector has the mandate to cut it from any part of the head for a test.

The only guaranteed way to pass this test is by use of detox shampoo. If you follow the process and use the right ingredients, for sure, you will live to praise this shampoo all the time. This method has been known to work for more than a decade now. Moreover, it has been highly recommended by related forums. Here are the detailed set of instructions that you need to incorporate so that your test can turn positive.

1. Gather the essential materials.
First, you will be required to gather the following items:  

  • Rubber gloves. Gloves are used as a protection to your hands. It is very essential to wear gloves when handling chemicals. They protect your hands from being scorched by the chemicals.
  • Showercap. You can make use of cap if you don’t need to get wet as you host for the shampoo to work their magic.
  • Original shampoo. Here it’s a bit tricky. Since you need a legit shampoo, you can ask a trusted friend to refer you to a shop he or she has bought from in the past. Always buy detox shampoo from reputable sources. Once you get all these ingredients, warm water, and your sink, you will be ready to begin the very first step of your test.

2. Rinse your head with warm water.
Rinse your head in that big sink with warm water. Make sure that you have thoroughly soaked from root to the tip. Remember to wear your goggles to prevent the toxic substances from getting in your eyes and damaging them. Also, don’t fail to use gloves. After this, you are now ready to use Heinz vinegar in your head. It is a little painful, but don’t worry since you want the best results at the end.

3. Massage clean and clear your head.  
Here, you should not remove any vinegar from the head. This will make you have a little pain. Insert your head in a cap and don’t disrupt. You can have a rest as you host for about 50 minutes for the vinegar to clean and clear. It is only after 50 minutes that you will rinse the head with slightly warm water.

4. Wash with detox shampoo.
You are supposed to clean your head twice using an old formula shampoo. Again use the original shampoo. Now it’s time to do it with Tide liquid detergent. Scrub your head until you feel it is absolutely clean. It is really important to ensure that this process is done three times.
The main secret here is to prepare by doing the following:  

  • Follow the steps correctly every time.
  • Never smoke pot or any other drug during this crucial time.
  • Do this process several times a day.
  • Make sure you use only the correct ingredients like an original detox shampoo.
  • Get the ingredients in time.

The key to passing your test lies within your personal altitude. To get more info on this you can click here to check out the to learn more methods. If your job or your health is really important to you, then you will always find the effort to make sure that you maintain your job. Although other methods may work, using detox shampoo will work the best. Having used it, you will feel confident and more likely to pass such a test.

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