Tiles add another dimension, look and elegance to our floors, but at the same time, we struggle to keep those tiles clean as well. We all keep hunting for easier solutions to clean the tiles and hardwood floor and eventually end up buying tons of ineffective and expensive cleaning products.

Have you ever noticed that after sweeping, when you mop your tiles, the grout accumulates all the dirt residues from your floor? Those dirty-filthy grout lines mock at all our efforts to keep them clean. Sometimes, we even do scrubbing to clean that stubborn dirt. Scrubbing and mopping are two important things for cleaning the tiles, but for wooden floor, scrubbing can be disastrous. It can snatch its attractive look. Your cleaning troubles exponentially increase if you have pets in your house. But, bid-adieu to all those tedious tasks and say hello to our modern day life-saving vacuum cleaners.

After tiles, the most popular flooring option is hardwood, which enhances the charm of any house. Most of us have a soft corner for these hardwood floors. If you can get the best vacuum for hardwood floors and pet hair then it is a life savior. The best vacuum will be the one that has strong suction action. With a variety of choices available in the market, selecting the best vacuum for your floor is no cake walk. You might be literally confused amongst large, small, upright vs. canister, bagless or bagged, upright or robotic and cordless or cord vacuums.

It's better to avoid the guesswork from your search and follow this 2019 guide to find the best vacuums for pet hair and hardwood.

Some of the common vacuum variants in the market are:

  • Upright vacuum- An upright vacuum is a great option for tiles as well as hardwood floors. Upright should be kept as such with the help of a plastic plate to make its movement easier.
  • Canister vacuum- These are versatile models that come with extra strong suction to suck out all the dust from the grout of the tiles. The canister is highly recommended if your house has stairs.
  • Cordless or handheld vacuum- These cordless models are super effective for a small sized house. For very big houses they run out of battery power. These are flexible vacuum cleaners and can clean dirt, dust and pet hairs very easily.

Handheld or Standard vacuum- If your standard vacuum has great suction power and appropriate attachment to reach difficult areas, you can skip handheld models. Handheld vacuums are handy for difficult areas and have better suction power. A bagged vacuum cleaner will work too!

If you have a tile or hardwood floor consider these as decisive factors for your vacuum purchase-

  1. Type of the vacuum- You would never want to scratch your tile or hardwood floor accidentally with the vacuum cleaner. So, the first criteria are to completely ignore the vacuums with metal at the bottom.
  2. A hardwood vacuum cleaner should have soft attachments to gently clean the floor. For picking up the pet’s hair, look for a vacuum with a strong suction. Rubber wheels are soft to roll on the floor and they do not spoil the floor texture as well.
  3. In vacuuming the floor power is the key. Vacuum with a brush roll gently spins around the floor shooting up all the dirt, hair and dust into the vacuum. Few vacuums also have a head attachment option to suck-up the dirt from the grout. Whichever model you select, pick the one with a stronger suction.
  4. Bags and filter - To pick up the pet hair and allergens go for a multilayer filter option. Never fail to dig into all the available choices before deciding anything.  If you are going for bagged models make sure that the design of the bag can hold a large amount of dust and dirt. Otherwise, you will be spending more time cleaning the bag rather than the floor. Vacuums with bins are a better choice than bags.
  5. Filtration - Pick up the vacuum with high filtration to avoid the dust getting back to the room. HEPA stands for High-Efficiency Particulate Air and these are very efficient filters. HEPA can remove 99.7% of particles as small as 0.3 microns of size. These HEPA filters are the best choice for people who have any kind of allergy.
  6. Durability and quality - Vacuums with solid components of good quality can last very long.  Warranty of the vacuum cleaner is also an indicator that it is of good quality and durability.
  7. Noise level - A quiet vacuum cleaner has a range of 70-77 dB. Avoid very noisy ones and pick up an option that feels soft to your eardrums.
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