I mentioned before that we bought a boat. What I did not mention is that Brandon had never driven a boat in his life. When we got the boat it didn't run. He spent roughly two weeks or so busting his ass getting things running and sitting in the hole of this thing. 

After he got it running, we decided it was time to head back home. He went to stock up on "food". In a mans eye that means junk food I guess. LOL
Mind you, we were 4.5 hours driving distance in the middle of nowhere Alabama and the beach was missed terribly. Being this far, it took us 7 days to get back home. Not even an hour out one of the engines went out because the heat exchanger had a hole in it. Our gas tanks have bad gas in it and until we get it pumped he was using (10!) gas cans. I had to tend to them on our journey.

One thing I have to mention is the lock masters as the locks were very nice in keeping track of us! 

What is a lock? 
Use in river navigation. When a stretch of river is made navigable, a lock is sometimes required to bypass an obstruction such as a rapid, dam, or mill weir – because of the change in river level across the obstacle. In large scale river navigation improvements, weirs and locks are used together.

 I want to say we went through 5- maybe 6 of these? It was a long week.

Every night we had to find a nook in the river to tie off at and sleep! We learned after me having to get off in a kayak and tying a rope that it was easier for Brandon to steer us toward trees and throw a rope over. The river had alligators in it. YES, ALLIGATORS!
We had 4 days of no people, no wifi, no cell phone service. NOTHING. 
 But the view was gorgeous. We were ready to get home, that is for sure! Brandon tied us off several times and used the cart in the middle of no where to go find us gas! He took it like a champ!
 This bridge was in our last leg of it all. We had to tie off and wait on them to open it the next morning!

 Brandon caught gorgeous photos of the sunsets every night too!

 We are glad to be back in Florida, that is for sure!
 Our kitties are glad to be back doing their usual bird watching too!
 I got one hell of a tan now! That is for sure!

For power, our boat generator is not working so we went to Harbor Freight and bought one and it powers everything we need! As long as we have oil and gas. We had power to maintain food in the fridge too. We were also able to use the microwave and thankfully the hot water heater works so we could shower as we needed! I will say I was thankful I got my showers in! Yes we have a potty to get business done too. Would we do it again, probably? I mean, you don't buy a boat and not take it anywhere, right? There's a lot of maintenance to be done but I will tell you we are anchored across from his job and he will be kayaking to work! Thanks for reading!
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