Charleston, SC has been good to us! I decided to venture here because we were told it was a great spot for foodies! Let me tell you, the locals were not wrong! One of our first stops here in Charleston was Triangle Char + Bar! The location is in West Ashley.

When we pulled into the place, it was packed, and for a foodie looking for a great place to eat, that’s an amazing sign.

The staff is very welcoming!  Triangle Char + Bar is also known for their burgers. The beef is local! Their local beef comes from cattle herds that are raised in South Carolina.

The atmosphere of the place is downright amazing. It is a very hip and upbeat environment! You immediately feel relaxed when you are seated to eat.

The menu was overwhelming for me at first, but it was great to see so many options to choose from. They literally have a little bit of everything! We passed on alcoholic drinks but let me tell you, the menu for this is pretty amazing! If you are looking to chill and have a few drinks, you won’t be disappointed. They have beer, wine, cocktails and weekly specials on food to choose from!

As for lunch, we opted for two appetizers to start out on. We chose the Lowcountry Egg Rolls and House-Smoked, Dry-Rubbed Wings. The Lowcountry Egg Rolls consisted of house-smoked chipotle pork and collards rolled in wonton wraps, served with mustard bbq. These were DELICIOUS! The wings were great too! They were a tad over fried, however, they were still good!

As far as the entree goes, we opted for the Hot Sh*t* Burger and fries which was a blackened burger with jalapeno-bacon jam, over easy egg and pepperjack cheese!

We also opted for the Boss Hog Burger! This came with house made pimento cheese, caramelized onions, bacon, lettuce and tomato! I had sweet sticks as my side. These are sweet potato fries served with apple butter! LIKE WHAT?!! THE PERFECT COMBO BTW! These burgers were DELICIOUS! Cooked perfectly, perfect serving sizes!

When you go and visit, walk around the place and check it out! Can you believe it used to be an old auto garage? When you walk to the bathroom area, grab yourself a selfie in front of the license plate wall! Take a minute to check out the tables and the walls.

The place has quirk to it and to be honest, I can’t wait to go back- only this time, it will be for drinks and eats together!

After we were seated, it didn’t take but a hot minute for our sweet server to serve us. You can choose several places to sit at including the bar, indoors or two separate patio areas that include high top tables and the other side has booths.

Our server shared a few photos of the history of the place! The tables were made from truck parts! If you are looking for a great family or date spot, this place is it! It is completely family friendly! We hope you enjoy it as much as we did! Head over and visit at

Check out their website for more info! You can also visit their social media to stay up to date with the latest on things!

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