An outdoor living space can be a great place to entertain guests or to spend those relaxing weekend mornings. They need to be designed in a way that they look like an extension of your home. That means they need to offer the comfort and coziness of your home’s interiors whilst giving its occupants the feeling of the outdoors. A patio also needs to be practical and a fun place to hangout for the entire family.
In this post, we reveal a few tips that are often overlooked when designing an outdoor space.
Get All-Weather Cushion Covers for Your Outdoor Furniture
Patio furniture are often crafted from resin wicker, recycled plastic, and other outdoor-friendly materials. However, most cushions are not totally weather resistant. Even cushions labeled for outdoor use become breeding grounds for mildew and mould. The only way to counter that is to replace the original covers with all-weather custom cushion covers specifically made for patio furniture cushions.
Make Sure the Area Receives Shade During the Day
The patio area needs to remain under the shade during the hottest parts of the day.  A few carefully placed umbrellas are often good enough. However, the best way to shield the area from midday sun is to install a pergola. If you want extra shade, allow creepers to climb the posts of the pergola. In time, the foliage will evenly cover the roof and provide ample shade during the day.
Ensure the Place is Designed to Promote Certain Activities
While you want the area to look pretty, you also want it to serve a purpose. Ensure you are clear about what you want to achieve when designing the outdoor space before the construction begins. It can be an entertainment area, in which case make sure to include a mini fridge and barbeque for quick snack dispensing. It can also be a place for the entire family to sit down and play board games. In that case, create a secure cabinet to store all your favorite games.  
Estimate the Number of Guests You Wish to Entertain
You need to be clear about how many guests you wish to accomodate in the outdoor space. The last thing you want is to create a space that has limited seating and thus becomes impractical for most parties and gatherings. Think about the number of guests you usually entertain and create a space accordingly.
Prioritize Comfort Over Everything
It’s much better to create a comfortable space that invites conversations than to settle for an outdoor living area that’s only good for magazine covers. Ensure the seating arrangements are comfortable and offer appropriate ergonomic support. Once the comfort factor is ensured, you need to arrange the furniture in a way that everyone can mingle everyone else without straining their necks. It’s also a good idea to include a space where you can lie down comfortably.
Don’t Mix Rustic and Bold
When selecting the color schemes for your outdoor space, you have two options. You can use bold bright colors and pair them with beautiful metal furniture to create a contemporary look. On the other hand, you can use subtle beige and khaki shades that go well with wicker chairs, vintage table runners, and dark woody textures. While these styles work well individually, a design that includes both often looks confused and uninviting.

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