E Cig Vape Charleston

by Bre, 2:56 PM
I recently took on vaping because I needed something for stress and not to mention I had been wanting to get one for quite sometime to begin with. I came across E Cig Vape in Charleston and I couldn't be more pleased with my experience. They were super sweet in my first vape adventure experience. 

The place was super clean and smooth. As you can see very organized as well. There are 16 Location in Charleston, Sc for all your vaping needs.

When I tell you there were many options to choose from, I was serious as you can see!

I was able to sit at the juice bar for a bit to taste and see what I liked and did not like.

Ultimately, I ended up walking out with a super cute rainbow vape and plenty of juice! I bought a simple SMOK vape pen and banana, blueberry, vanilla custard, and fruit loops flavored juices!

Their brand juice is made in house in their lab too!

I am pleased with my experience. I have had it for a few weeks now and it does help with stress and is a stink free alternative when it comes to smoking. If you are ever in the Charleston, SC area, be sure to visit one of their locations! You can see more about them here: https://www.ecigcharleston.com/aboutus.asp

Visit their social media to stay up to date with the latest on things too!

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