Let's talk about what can sometimes be a taboo subject. Facial Plastic Surgery. We see it all of the news and all over the internet. It is literally everywhere, and you know what, sometimes it is a necessity. I always see people online putting others down for it and it is time that comes to a stop. There is a difference between plastic surgery and cosmetic surgery. Farrior Facial Plastic Surgery can help you with your procedure.

Cosmetic Surgery VS Plastic Surgery
The procedures, techniques, and principles of cosmetic surgery are entirely focused on enhancing a patient’s appearance. Improving aesthetic appeal, symmetry, and proportion are the key goals. Cosmetic surgery can be performed on all areas of the head, neck, and body. Because the treated areas function properly, cosmetic surgery is elective. Cosmetic surgery is practiced by doctors from a variety of medical fields, including plastic surgeons.

Plastic surgery is defined as a surgical specialty dedicated to reconstruction of facial and body defects due to birth disorders, trauma, burns, and disease. Plastic surgery is intended to correct dysfunctional areas of the body and is reconstructive in nature. While many plastic surgeons choose to complete additional training and perform cosmetic surgery as well, the basis of their surgical training remains reconstructive plastic surgery. In fact, in 1999, the American Society of Plastic and Reconstructive Surgeons changed its name to the American Society of Plastic Surgeons to more strongly communicate the message that “plastic and reconstructive surgeons are one in the same.”

Reasons You May Need Plastic Surgery: 

  • Breast Reconstruction
  • Burn Repair Surgery 
  • Congenital Defect Repair: Cleft Palate, Extremity Defect 
  • Repair Lower Extremity 
  • Reconstruction Hand Surgery 
  • Scar Revision Surgery
What is facial plastic surgery?
Cosmetic facial plastic surgery is surgery performed to enhance visual appearance of the facial structures and features. Common procedures include facelifts, eye lifts, rhinoplasty, chin and cheek implants, liposuction, and procedures to correct facial wrinkles. 

Reconstructive plastic surgery is performed for patients with conditions that may be present from birth, such as birthmarks on the face, cleft lip and palate, protruding ears, and a crooked smile.

What is the typical recovery time?
Recovery time actually depends on the procedure that you had to get. Let's talk about a face lift for example. Most people are presentable to the public within 10-14 days, it will take 2-3 months for the face to feel "back to normal" in terms of texture, sensibility and loss of tightness.

Things To Ask Your Surgeon
Be sure to ask your plastic surgeon specific questions about what you can expect during your recovery period. 
  • Where will I be taken after my surgery is complete? 
  • What medication will I be given or prescribed after surgery? 
  • Will I have dressings/bandages after surgery? 
  • When will they be removed? 
  • When will the stitches be removed? 
  • When can I wash my face and wear make-up? 
  • When can I resume normal activity and exercise? 
  • When can I color my hair or get a haircut?
Getting the answers to all of these questions can help you be on the same page with your surgeon and will help you understand the recovery process better. Be sure to give Farrior Facial Plastic Surgery a call to get a consult today!
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